The Most Advanced Friendly Android Snooping App. It Takes You Full Control on Target Person Device Without Letting Them Know.

Anonymously oversee all the unusual & harmful activities of your kids while surfing your androids phones & tablets.
BlurSPY brings you the opportunity to monitor your employees as well.
Grab your tablets/androids/Windows and download the world’s top most spying app BlurSPY.
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Cell Phone Spy App – Hidden Spyware – Undetectable Monitoring Software

BlurSPY - Cell Phone Spy– Hidden Spy App– Mobile Tracker

Monitor Your Teens and Employees Hidden Digital Activities

BlurSPY has been taking care of all your personal and professional digital safety needs. BlurSPY Monitoring is the leading smartphone tracking software with real-time online and offline monitoring features


  • Record Phone Surroundings.
  • Listen to Recording of Phone/ Monitor Calls.
  • Real-Time Listening of The Target device.
  • Listen to Incoming & Out Going Calls
  • Monitor Call Logs
  • IM, Call Recording
  • VOIP Call History
  • Block Incoming & Outgoing Calls
  • Read Full Sms conversation
  • Get Alert on keywords typing
  • Block Text Messages
  • WhatsApp Voice Messages.
  • Viber Voice Message.
  • Facebook Messenger Voice Messages.
  • SnapChat Voice Messages.
  • Instagram Voice Messages.
  • View Gallery Images
  • Listen to Mp3 Music
  • Listen to Voice Recordings.
  • Take Screenshot from online Control Panel
  • Capture Unlimited Screenshots of Social Media
  • Take Live ScreenShots
  • SnapChat Private Conversation
  • WhatsApp
  • Skype
  • Viber
  • Line
  • Facebook Messenger
  • KiK
  • Tinder
  • Instagram
  • Vine
  • Hike
  • Zalo
  • Hangout
  • IMO
  • Yahoo
  • Messenger
  • Tumblr
  • Get Instant Alert on Keywords Through Email
  • Sim Change Notification
  • Camera Screen Recorder
  • WhatsApp Screen Recorder
  • SnapChat Screen Recorder
  • Chrome Screen Recorder
  • Default Browser Screen Recorder
  • Gmail Screen Recorder
  • SMS Screen Recorder
  • YouTube Screen Recorder
  • WeChat Screen Recorder
  • Facebook Screen Recorder
  • Kik Screen Recorder
  • Line Screen Recorder
  • IMO Screen Recorder
  • On Demand Screen Recorder
  • Skype Screen Recorder
  • Tumblr Screen Recorder
  • Viber Screen Recorder
  • SnapChat
  • Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Viber
  • Emails
  • Line
  • SMS
  • GPS Status, Wifi, Battery
  • Carrier Name, Device Model, IMEI
  • Dual Sim Numbers, Memory, Device Storage,
  • 30 Days Backup
  • Remotely Lock the Device
  • Dual Sim change Notification
  • Block Unwanted Apps
  • Installed Apps Logs

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Only Three Steps For Spyware On Your Kid's & Emplyee's

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BlurSPY is an android hidden spy app. It can track any android phone remotely. You can check a lot of things from calls to messages to social media and gallery images of the target android device. BlurSPY offers dozens of amazing features that make it the best cell phone spy app for all the users around the world. BlurSPY is a leading parental control app for android smartphones and tablets that allows parents & employers to monitor text messages, calls, current GPS location, Snapchat, WhatsApp and much more.

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#SleepyTeens: Adolescence Using Digital Devices With Poor Sleeping Eyes, Suicidal Behaviors & Depressive Symptoms

The Internet and Child Exploitation - BlurSPY

The Internet and Child Exploitation:

Dealing with this matter requires serious efforts. Parents should spend time with their children. Kids should not be allowed to spend more than one or two hours on the internet and smartphones. There should be rules regarding the use of the internet and other websites.

Furthermore, parents need to have an advanced cell phone spy app tool that lets them track their children. There seems to be no other option better in this regard. With good parental control software, parents will be able to monitor their children and see which kind of websites they access. If there is something fishy, teens will be caught red-handed. This way parents can protect their children.

As most of the content on the dark web is adult or porn, kids don’t find anything else which is more attractive than this. Even many kids find jobs with the companies working on the dark web. They are offered gigs according to their skills. Kids are exposed to a dangerous world. Parents should be careful in this regard.

Threat to Children’s Privacy - BlurSPY

The Threat to Children Privacy:

Another thing parents can do to protect the online safety of teens is to educate them. Parents know their children better than anyone else so they should talk to them when they believe it will be effective and fruitful. Children listen to their parents and the debate can be useful.

Furthermore, parents should guide the children about online threats to teens. There should be an example of how people suffered when they are befriended by strangers and shared private information. This can really be helpful to help children learn they are exposed to serious online threats.

The privacy given to the children of this age that are in the stage of high school, all these children or youngsters do not need any strict kind of supervision. Their amount of supervision is dependent on the fact that how are they acting and treating their parents, family members, siblings, friends, relatives, etc. Parents should be aware of whatever is happening in their lives but should not control their lives in their accordance.

Track Your Children By Using BlurSPY Software

Use BLURSPY App For Track Your Children:

BlurSPY is a wonderful android parental control app that is being used by thousands of users. BlurSPY app comes with a lot of features and tools that can make digital parenting pretty easy for parents. This is the perfect option for all parents who want to keep their eyes on their kids all day around.

BlurSPY surveillance app has been downloaded by millions of users and they are tracking their target android devices. BlurSPY is more affordable and has the lowest packages price. Check the following hot features of the BlurSPY app:

  • Live Surround Recording
  • Camera Bug
  • Capture Screenshots
  • Hidden Live Screen Recorder
  • Spy on Messages
  • Live GPS Location Tracker
  • Hacking Social Media Apps
  • Multimedia Tracking (Photos & Videos)
  • Remotely Control

Monitor a Phone or Tablet in 3 Steps

Sign Up Free

Register for a BlurSPY account. Use your email ID as the username.

Install Now

Follow the setup instructions emailed to you. It takes a few minutes.


You’re ready to monitor! Access the BlurSPY control panel from your web browser.

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