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Ensuring Productivity During the Pandemic – Employer’s Guide to Working During the Coronavirus

Ensuring Productivity During the Pandemic – Android Remote Listening App for Employers Have Secretly Key

The coronavirus pandemic is getting worse day by day. While it originated in China, it is taking turns to devastate the powerful countries all around the world, from Italy to now making the mighty US the epicenter of the pandemic. Right now, coronavirus has taken the lives of 29,941 people all around the world. The social distancing has forced businesses and organizations to work from home, given that social distancing is the key to being alive. Employers Need to Adapt [...]

Spoiling Your Child’s Eyesight to Make Them Happy - A Modern Dilemma

Spoiling Your Child’s Eyesight to Make Them Happy – A Modern Dilemma

Change is the new constant. The world is changing all the time, innovations are being made, new technology is being found, and new standards are being set. When it comes to parenting too, it is not what it used to be traditional. The generation of today has its way of adapting to things, and the parents need to actively change themselves too. However, it is still the role of parents to keep their children safe. Since the advent of mobile [...]

COVID-19 Alert Parents Guide on Deadly Corona Virus

Desperate Time Calls For Immediate Actions: Parents Guide on Deadly Coronavirus

The world is facing a major pandemic these days, the Coronavirus outbreak has caused more than 11,000 deaths worldwide, based on the information from John Hopkins University in the USA. In such difficult times, parents all around the world are worried about their children’s health and safety mainly because children and elders are more prone to getting affected by this virus. In such dire times, parents are trying anything to keep their children safe and sound. BlurSPY can be a [...]

Why Spying Apps Are Exclusive Key to #SmartParenting of the Digital Generation_

Why Spying Apps Are Exclusive Key to #SmartParenting of the Digital Generation?

This is the era of technology and innovation, the time of all things internet; mobile phones are the new desktops, WIFI the new Bluetooth, and with the newer technology underway, the internet of things is ready to revolutionize everything. In such a situation, it is only the right thing to call this generation the digital generation, and to parent the digital degeneration, parents need to get digital too before their kid ends up getting cyber-bullied, addicted to video games [...]

Secret Revealed: How to Give Your Business the Boost It Needs?

Secret Revealed: How to Give Your Business the Boost It Needs?

Business is booming, or all is lost; if you are a businessman, you have to be ready for both these scenarios every day. Every business person has to be prepared for whatever comes their way, a bad economy, a global disturbance or some environmental catastrophe, and for effectively tackling any of these, every employer needs good, trained employees who he can trust on. Here the question arises how can employers identify those employees whom he/she can trust? Well, thanks [...]

Workplace Spirituality Why & How it Works like a Charm

Workplace Spirituality: Why & How It’s Work like a Charm?

Have you ever thought that after all what this workplace spirituality is? So, don’t worry this is your answer that workplace spirituality is originated from the word that is the purpose and the value related to the spiritual powers in the workplace. Moreover, most people won’t enjoy when there is the opposite case that is experienced in the workplace. Since being the human being, it is,  we who must make the difference and the energizing feeling to make the [...]

No Love, Less Attention Now Parents Caught Teens On Valentines with BlurSPY

No Love, Less Attention: Now Parents Caught Teens On Valentines with BlurSPY

So, valentine is the right next to your doorsteps. Candle night dinners, late-night peace full talks, lovers’ messages, and many other exciting things are right next to your next minute then you know what is new at all these scenarios, hackers, criminals and other evils of society those having the cruel eyes on your kids. So if there is the valentine right next to your doorstep, then it is the time for you to take the serious actions are [...]

#Needcondoms - Keep An Eye on your Teens Activities on this Valentine's Day

#Needcondoms – Keep An Eye on your Teens Activities on this Valentine’s Day

14 February is the day of romance and love. This is the day when all the lovers enjoy their big day with a high level of condolence, flowers show each other love and care. This is the high level of fame and elegance of valentine’s day when everyone was red and black and have chats over late night with a peace and carefree environment. This is the day that is celebrated around the globe with complete harmony and affection, [...]

Remotely Pricking Up - Android Live Calls Through Control Panel

Remotely Pricking Up – Android Live Calls By Using Control Panel

The most known method of recording someone’s cell phone calls is just one app away. BlurSPY app helps you to record someone’s phone calls. The main purpose of these recordings of the phone calls is for the parents who want to monitor their kids digitally via different applications. BlurSPY is easy to download on your android smartphones free of cost. This app helps you to be aware of your kid’s activities and their phone calls to whom they are talking [...]

Phone Hacking - Sneak Into Any Android Phone Latest Method of 2O2O

Phone Hacking – Sneak Into Any Android Phone Latest Method of 2O2O

We are very much aware of the legal boundaries and concerns when it comes to protecting our privacy and personal space on digital devices. Normally people make sure their cell phones or any other digital devices are properly secured with patterns, pins or facial Phone systems so that no one can get to access the personal information that is stored in their respective gadgets. Nowadays, third-party security applications have taken over the digital market with a storm. They tend to [...]

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