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Using Smartphone While Eating Makes Us Fat and How to handle it in Kids_

Using Smartphone While Eating Makes Us Fat and How to handle it in Kids?

A lot has been written on obesity and the possible reasons for why people get fat. A new study has just sparked the debate as it has hit the right point when it comes to the sense of the people. This was an independent study carried out by the researchers and they have come up with an interesting finding that distractions during eating make us fat. We see that nowadays, a lot of people are obese. Just in the UK, [...]


Characteristics Of Good Parenting VS. Bad Parenting Effects On Adolescents

A lot of people believe bad parenting doesn’t not exist these days. Whereas another group of people thinks that many parents still do bad parenting. If we compare these two, we find more evidence for bad parenting. There should be no doubt that many teens turn out to be bad, violent, aggressive and offensive. Many are also the bullies and trolls. All these indicate bad parenting still does exist. Stats and Facts on Bad Parenting However, we have more facts and [...]

Ensuring Productivity During the Pandemic – Employer’s Guide to Working During the Coronavirus

Using Spying Apps for Employees- An Employer’s Guide to Working During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is getting worse day by day. While it originated in China, it is taking turns to devastate the powerful countries all around the world, from Italy to now making the mighty US the epicenter of the pandemic. Right now, the coronavirus has taken the lives of 29,941 people all around the world. Social distancing has forced businesses and organizations to work from home, given that social distancing is the key to being alive. Employers Need to Adapt [...]

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Spoiling Your Child’s Eyesight to Make Them Happy – A Modern Dilemma

Change is the new constant. The world is changing all the time, innovations are being made, new technology is being found, and new standards are being set. When it comes to parenting too, it is not what it used to be traditional. The generation of today has its own way of adapting to things, and the parents need to actively change themselves too. However, it is still the role of parents to keep their children safe. Since the advent of [...]

artificial world is barrier around your teens - How to protect them?

Artificial World is Barrier Around Your Teens – Protect Them with BlurSPY Android Tracker

It can regularly appear as though youngsters are utilizing innovation and the web for an enormous piece of the day. It’s difficult to tell where the line falls between sheltered, compensating use, and abuse of innovation. This page can assist you with finding out progressively about how your kid utilizes innovation, regardless of whether they are utilizing it capably, and when there may be an issue with how they are investing their energy on the web. Why young people use [...]

The Myth of the Rogue Employee - Corruption, Crime & Compliance

The Myth of the Rogue Employee – Corruption, Crime & Compliance

It takes a lot of hard work, so much time as well as investments to set up a business. Even harder is to continue and promote the business that lets you become more prominent in the world. For the bosses, everything is their business. They know how painful it is to start and keep up with the flourishing business. “Power Corrupts; Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.” How will you feel when one of your employees becomes rogue and steals your data, secrets, [...]

Workplace Spirituality Why & How it Works like a Charm

Workplace Spirituality: U.S. Midwestern Workplace – Life, Livelihood and Spirit

Have you ever thought that after all what this workplace spirituality is? So, don’t worry this is your answer that the workplace spirituality is originated from the word that is the purpose and the value related to the spiritual powers in the workplace. Moreover, most people won’t enjoy it when there is the opposite case that is experienced in the workplace. Since being the human being, it is,  we who must make the difference and the energizing feeling to [...]

#Needcondoms - Keep An Eye on your Teens Activities on this Valentine's Day

Needcondoms – Keep An Eye on your Teens Activists on this Valentine’s

14 February is the day of romance and love. This is the day when all the lovers enjoy their big day with a high level of condolence, flowers show each other love and care. This is the high level of fame and elegance of valentine’s day when everyone was red and black and have chats over late at night with a peaceful and carefree environment. This is the day that is celebrated around the globe with complete harmony and [...]

How Criminals Steal $37 Billion a Year from America’s Elderly

How Criminals Steal $37 Billion a Year from America’s Elderly

You might be the company’s owner and you might be wondered about the employee’s suspicious deeds that how they are working are they working in the right forum or not? Do they deserve your trust or not? As technology progresses into a new age, even the crime occurring all over the world takes a new turn. Scams, burglaries, theft has leaped and for that, we must be thoroughly prepared. Technology, which is advancing with such pace and to an [...]

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Best Commandments of Digital Parenting – By Using Parental Control App

We are living in a modern era and the world of technology where there is a great and a huge impact of technology on the people especially when it comes to youth in the modern era. Apart from technology, parents themselves need to realize the fact that giving too much free space and trusting more than anything will create problems for the children as well as for the parents also. Trusting your wards is appreciated but trusting more on [...]

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