Effects of Bad Parenting on Children’s Behavior

A lot of people believe bad parenting doesn’t exist these days. Whereas another group of people is of the opinion that many parents still do bad parenting. If we compare these two, we find more evidence for bad parenting. There should be no doubt that many teens turn out to be bad, violent, aggressive and offensive.

Many are also bullies and trolls. All these indicate bad parenting still does exist.

Stats and Facts on Bad Parenting

However, we have more facts and statistics to believe why bad parenting still exists. Below are some of the stats and facts that all parents should know. These also demonstrate the effects and consequences of bad parenting for the kids’ behavior.

  • Kids in single-parent families are 11 times more likely to become violent.
  • A study found out those parents who experienced yelling, spanking, and such other punishments in early life will treat their kids the same way.
  • A report published in Pediatrics AAP News and Journals revealed that if kids by the age of 3 face corporal punishment, there are more chances of higher aggression in the kids.
  • A University of New Hampshire study concluded that kids who experienced regular physical discipline reported a drop in their IQ.
  • 1 Child in 58 in the US faces physical abuse by parents.
  • Kids raised by permissive parents are more likely to be aggressive and violent.
  • Children of authoritarian parents have more body-to-mass index.

What is Bad Parenting?

Everyone has their own way of dealing with their kids. Not all parents raise their kids the same way as do others. Some parents like to be permissive, which is 97% around the world, while others prefer authoritative behavior.

Diana Baumrind who is considered the leading parenting expert was of the opinion that authoritative is the best whereas authoritarian and permissive parenting is the worst. It is true to say that parenting has changed over the years. People have developed different styles throughout time. Now is the age of digital devices which calls for digital parenting including protecting teens from online trolls and bullies.

There should be no doubt yet that bad parenting is a myth. We have debunked it with the facts and truths. We see many parents be neglectful towards their children and teens. Actually, there are various reasons why some people become bad parents. Lack of time, poverty, unemployment, poor resource management, single parenting, and the others are the major causes.

Major Signs of Bad Parenting

It may not be possible for some people to understand what bad parenting really is. So there is an alternative option to learn more about digital parenting and that is to discuss the signs. Yes, with the help of signs of bad parenting, we will be able to find out if kids around us are experiencing bad parenting. Let’s explore the signs and factors.

  • Avoiding and Neglecting Your Children
  • Physical or Verbal Abuse
  • Setting the Bad Examples for Kids
  • Adopting Favoritism in the Family
  • Being Oppressive, Authoritarian
  • Irresponsible Financial Attitude
  • Too Much Pampering or Interfering
  • Not Trusting Your Children

Avoiding and Neglecting Children

Here comes one of the major signs of bad parenting. It has been noticed in many families that parents ignore few or all of their children. In other words, the parents don’t pay attention to the needs, necessities, and life of their children. Parents have no concern at all about what their children are doing. They don’t even like to advise them if they do something wrong. It has serious harmful effects on the behavior of children and they may become like a brat.

Physical or Verbal Abuse

Without any doubt, it is stated physical and verbal abuse is common in today’s world towards kids and teens. It has been learned that when two parents have a bad relationship, they will resort to physical and verbal abuse when their kids make mistakes. Moms and dads both do the same thing and it is really damaging. Kids become receptive to such behavior which they develop over time.

Setting the Bad Examples

Bad examples create bad kids. Many parents have no concern with it if their children are following bad examples. Even such parents set such examples for their kids. Smokers, Drug addicts, and other parents are the few examples that experts believe are the worst for children. Kids and teens learn from their parents so they are more likely to follow these examples when they grow up.

Ignoring Children’s Activities

A large number of parents are careless regarding their children. They are not concerned about what their kids do and have in life. In the modern-day world, technology is reshaping the world. Kids use smartphones and the internet a lot. Teens share naked body images with strangers but parents have no idea of what their teens are doing in life. It is also one of the major signs of bad parenting.

Not Trusting Your Kids

Trust is an important factor in every relationship. The kid-parent relationship is no exception to this at all. But the sad part is many parents show as if they have no trust in their children. These parents should know they are ruining their children and doing havoc on their lives. This kind of behavior affects the kids really badly and may lead to serious behavior issues.

Effects of Bad Parenting on Children

It often happens that we see a child and say his or her parents are careless towards him. In other words, we mean he or she has bad parents. That is just one example of how bad parenting affects the children around us. But this is not an effect. The fact is that bad parenting has serious impacts on the health, life as well as mental development of children. A few of these are discussed below.

Antisocial Behavior

This is one of the effects of bad parenting. Kids and teens who experience bad parenting don’t like socialization. So they develop anti-social behavior which is really dangerous. Socialization is an important part of every person’s life. Kids need it the most as they learn some skills and manners from their age fellows and peers. This also develops confidence in the kids. But anti-social behavior is harmful.

Poor Resilience

Resilience is the ability of a person to deal with the issue he or she faces. These can be financial, economic, emotional, social, education, and other issues. Poor resilience means the person has no ability to cope with the issues and challenges. Kids who have bad parents often have bad resilience and it is extremely harmful to the children. Such kids will not be successful in professional life.

Depression and Aggression

There should be no doubt that bad parenting is the worst thing that can ever happen to kids and children. It also causes depression and aggression issues. Though, social media causes depression as well. But bad parenting needs to be done the right way. Parents should think about parenting lessons and find ways to better deal with their children.

Bullies and Trolls

We see a lot of internet bullies and trolls. Bullying and trolling are the outcomes of bad parenting. In other words, the kids who suffer from bad parenting are usually trolls and bullies in their own ways. They see things in different ways. They are violent, aggressive and try to impose their wishes on other people. They are not even obedient to their own parents.

Way Forward for Parents

There should be no doubt that how harmful and damaging bad parenting is. It is the need of the hour that parents should take some serious measures and grow better kids. If they care today, they will have responsible and careful children tomorrow.

Parents should bring changes in their ways of treating their kids. Ignoring children should never be in the cars of parents as it is harmful. They should give respect and attention to their children. It will have positive effects on the kids.

Secondly, parents should not set bad examples. Rather, they should be role models for their children.

Third, parents should keep eye on their kids. They need to track and monitor their phones. For this, the BlurSPY app is the ideal option that can help parents track their kids in a number of ways. This Best parental control software comes with a huge number of useful features that make spying on android phones pretty easy.


Bad parenting still exists and it has serious outcomes for the kids. Parents who ignore their children set bad examples and don’t trust their children are doing bad parenting. BlurSPY can be an ideal option for parents to track their children and monitor their activities.

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