Best Commandments of Digital Parenting – By Using Parental Control App

We are living in a modern era and the world of technology where there is a great and a huge impact of technology on the people especially when it comes to youth in the modern era. Apart from technology, parents themselves need to realize the fact that giving too much free space and trusting more than anything will create problems for the children as well as for the parents also. Trusting your wards is appreciated but trusting more on the society will even cause much more problems for the people and parents nowadays.

Parents are supposed to understand the fact that they should not always depend on technology for their children. Many parents nowadays rely too much on electronic devices to engage their children. Parents need to get the fact that handing your wards the mobile phones or tablets either to play games or to watch videos or to play video games, will not be helpful to children. Watching cartoons on tabs or personal computers will do nothing except for resulting in weak eyesight or weak brains. Watching too many cartoons or videos or playing too many games will do nothing except for damaging or affecting their brain cells in the most adverse manner.

Teach your kids how they withstand society

Good netizen starts with good parenting. Parents should always take care of the fact that their children are always behaving and acting in a good manner. They are talking and communicating with others either it’s in person or on social media with good manners. Teach your children and kids to raise their voices again the violence or anything that is bothering them, they should always feel free to share it with their parents.

Don’t let them waste their time

Parents should also keep an eye on their children that with whomever they are communicating with. Either they are taking and spending too much time on the screen or they are giving time to their family or not. Parents need to realize that setting their children free will make their kids get trapped easily either in some criminal activities or some other issues. Always make sure to take care of the fact that spending too much time in front of the screen will be harmful to children as well.

Make your children aware of the fact that the technology that is being provided to them is not their right. If they are given such opportunities to avail themselves, they should feel blessed because not all parents give that much freedom to their children. Don does not give them privacy while they are watching videos, serials or movies, etc.

Phone must be given to them at the right age

Parents should also give access to the internet or smartphones to their children when they think that their children are mature enough to create a balance between smartphones and their normal life. When parents realize that their wards are grown up enough that they can easily create a balance and will not end up their days by being glued to one place, only then, parents should give smartphones to their child.

Analyze them critically

Parents need to monitor the activities of their wards that whatever they are doing on daily basis. Whomever they are communicating with, they are contacting with how many people in their social circle on daily basis. Parents have full authority and have the full right to monitor the social activities of their children. For this purpose, many apps are also being developed to give full access to parents so that they can monitor whatever their children do online.

Don’t let them overuse the technology

Teens will be unable to understand that why their parents are restricting them from social media, they will always take it negatively that why their parents are asking them to avoid social media. But eventually, they will understand that spending too much time on social media will be harmful to themselves also. Google is an open book to children. It is the duty of parents to restrict that whatever they are doing on their google or whatever they are searching about. Parents should make a policy to make a mealtime together. Because lunch or dinner is the only time when the whole family gets together with each other and talk about their whole day.

Deal them friendly

Parenting is quite difficult though. Parents need to understand that being a friend will not be that much effective as compared to be a parent. Being strict with children is all that parents should take care of.

This is the most important fact to deal them friendly.

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