Best Employee Monitoring Software For Your Business

Best Employee Spy Software for Your Business

The workplace is like another home for the employees and people who there. It should be safe and protected for everyone. There have been many cases when employees were killed in offices, girls were raped and harassed. These things have bad effects on company reputation. Situations like these make us believe the workplace monitoring is inevitable.

This was from the employee perspective. There is another side that we need to explore and that is why the business owners or company managers want to track the staff and know about their online as well as offline activities. Employers want to make the workplace safe and secure for everyone. Apart from this, they have also issues with how the employees use the company devices and have been found guilty of stealing data and records.

In this post, we will talk about how employers can remotely track the GPS location of the staff. But before this, we will discuss the reasons and need for this. There is also a dire need to ensure transparency when it comes to employee monitoring and using tools for surveillance.

Reasons to Track Business Employees

Apart from tracking just locations, the employers should also keep a check on other activities like computer and internet use, company devices and tools and some other things.

Internet Use

Every company has different internet connections for the staff in order to make their work easy and simple. But the employees misuse the internet connection. They use it for personal works and projects. They also watch videos and movies that slow down the internet. This also makes them waste the office time in useless things. No employer wants the staff to do such things but they do so. For this reason, employees should be monitored.

Social Media

We know most of the people at work use social media sites. When they are at the office and have to spend the time at work, they engage in such activities. This waste a lot of time and reduces the output and productivity of the employees. In order to restrict social media use and improve work efficiency, employers must keep eyes on the social media of the staff.

Attendance Issues

Nowadays, most of the offices have devices to mark the attendance of the staff. Still, many people manage to reach on time but they don’t spend enough time. They go outside and waste a lot of time. The companies should control such issues. Tracking and spy app will help managers know where the employees are when they work, how much time they waste and when they reach and leave the workplace.

Workplace Management

The workplace is for the employees but sometimes it is misused. There have been many cases of how employees brought girls to the offices and had sex with them. Such things can be stopped and prevented when the workplace will have a surveillance system. Such things are offensive for many staff members and badly affect the company reputation. Furthermore, women harassment can be controlled when the staff will be under surveillance.

Rules for Tracking Employees and Workplace Monitoring

We have discussed the cases that made us believe the workplace safety is important. Employers have the rights to monitor the staff. But what rules should be followed? How employers can track the staff and keep eyes on them? This is what we will cover here. It is pretty much important for employers to understand the laws in practice when it comes to staff monitoring.

Legal Consideration

There are federal as well as state laws when it comes to employee monitoring. The business owners should read and understand all the relevant laws that apply to them and their business. Understanding such laws is important because you will be in a position to better handle such issues. Otherwise, you may commit some offenses and it can create problems for you.

 Employee Consent

Whenever an employer wants to track the employee, their consent is important. The company should inform the staff about workplace surveillance and tracking tools. They should be informed about what it will do and what they will be tracked for. If you install apps or tools on their computers or devices, you should get their consent even if the company owns the devices and computers.

Company Policies

Every company has policies when it comes to employee safety, workplace surveillance as well as respecting the staff. The companies should inform the employees about the policies and new regulations in order to let them work in the limits. This will also help the company to get the confidence of the staff and improve their productivity.

Best Employee Monitoring Software for Your Business

You are an employer and want to track the staff, their internet use, their computers, and other devices, what they do online, how much time they spend on social media, where they go, what places they visit, who they talk, if they are stealing the company and anything else- BlurSPY employee tracking system is the right software for your business.

Features of BlurSPY for Employee Monitoring

This is the most important thing an employer will wonder that what features the app offers them when it comes to employee monitoring. The app offers a good number of features that make staff tracking really simple and easy. Following are the top features of the cell phone spy app.

  • Managing phone calls- with this app the employers can check the phone calls of the employers. They can even record as well as tap the live calls.
  • Tracking text messages – BlurSPY allows the employers to track messages of the employees
  • Location Tracker- with GPS location tracker you will know the location of the staff and what places they have been visiting
  • Internet history- employers can also view the internet history of the staff and what sites they open when they are in office
  • Multimedia tracking- check other files, audio files, voice messages and gallery on their device


Every employer needs a robust employee spy software for the business and BlurSPY is the ultimate solution for workplace safety and employee tracking. The app empowers employers to keep eyes on the online as well as offline activities of the employees.

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