You're Fond of Online Shopping on Black Friday - Buy Your Loved One Online Safety

You’re Fond of Online Shopping on Black Friday – Buy Your Loved One Online Safety

An Activity deputized by computer, electronic devices, and networks used in the cyber domain, and is promoted through the internet resource. Cyber Crime includes sending viruses on different systems or sending inappropriate messages. Delegation of cybercrime is as follows:

  • The computers are used as a weapon to commit frauds and illegal tasks.
  • The usage of computers as an accessory to store illegal content or other’s information.
  • The computers as target-attacking another computer by installing or sending viruses etc.

Cybercrime reflects a distinctive type of techno-citified infringement having a different appearance. This infringement is striding the challenges to existing national legal systems The Internet has opened up so many things to all of its users including email, online games, social sites, etc. It seems like the Internet could be nothing but great for our society. Yet, some of us failed to accept was the fact that the door swings both ways. it has also created a big threat to our society. we can say mobile and access to the internet indeed a reason that taking children far away from parents.

According to Youth Research:

Young people are increasingly committing and involve in cyber-criminality. For example, in 2015, a UK telecommunications company had a security rupture and in that case, they lost all their valuable data. Five speculates were arrested with the help of investigation, all aged between 15 to 20 years of age.

In 2014 Wang Zhengyang, a 13 years old boy who was designate China’s ‘hacking prodigy’ hacked into a school computer system to get answers key to his home assignments.

Nowadays the rate of online blustering and other online threats has been spread enough in this era due to the excessive use of the internet and mobile addiction into the children.

How mobile phones and internet access are dangerous for children:

Technology has made human life easier. Though there are many benefits of technology we are also facing a serious threat of cybercrime. One of the examples of the technology is the mobile phone. Mobile phone upgrading in terms of various applications like networking mobile, computing wireless network is one of the major goals of the technology

When youngers below the age of 18 love their electronic gadgets and always busy in using those devices from here the problem starts. Social media, dating websites, online games, etc attracts teenagers and got manipulated so they login to these kinds of websites to explore interesting but dangerous facts in it. Moreover, they try to find some new friends and share their personal information, picture and videos that end up being used in threatening them. Unfortunately, after these consequences, they got addicted to adult content from which parents are unaware.

Cyber Bullying:

Nowadays those children who are using social media are experiencing more bullying and threats rather than those children who are restricted to use these kinds of sites. However, plenty of children out there becomes the victims of online bullies due to the crisis in-home or school. Mostly, they try to solve their problems on their own but end up making the situation worse. Parents need to keep an eagle’s eye to save their family.

  • 1 out 3 of youth is facing cyberbullying and receiving cyber threats.
  • Almost 25% of youth and children have been bullied continuously due to their silence attitude.
  • 14% of children who got bullied online never tell their parents due to the fear of being punished.

Online Dating and Alliance:

Those days are no more when youngsters used to share notes and cell phones to involve in relationships. Nowadays, young teens have been involved in dating online even with strangers. Unfortunately, these sites have a lot of fake profiles that they use to treat others. Many of these fake accounts are dangerous because they can be rapists, sex delinquents, criminals, etc. They are straying themselves as virtuous angelic people. Without knowing consequences youngsters end up opening their personal life on dating apps

  • 47% of teens show their feelings and emotions to others using social media
  • 72% of teens communicate with their so-called partners on dating apps and other social sites.
  • 60% of youngsters are already in the relationship due to these dating apps.

Adult Content:

The unlucrative organization namely RAND Cooperation, researches enforced three different analysis on around 2000 youngsters aged between 12 to 17 taken away 2001 to 2014

The boost of sexual content in Children’s Programming is raising concerns among many parents. Parents are disappointed with inappropriate scenes such as violence, young love stories, slang languages or verbal abuse. In an article by Cheryl Weitzein, she proposes that Parents are complaining about the content being telecast nowadays. Many programs are spreading sexual content, acrimony, and violence rather than education and good manners.

Hence, we can say that mobile phones with internet access are a new way to put your children in a fire. Parents should dedicate this Black Friday to their kids and loved one’s online safety.

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