Browser Screen Recorder

Internet browser holds an enormous amount of information of the one using it. From accessing some social media apps to downloading movies, everything is done through a browser. If you want to spy on your child/employee to know what they are searching and downloading, BlurSpy browser screen recording feature is the best option. This feature records their browser’s screen throughout the day and sends it to your admin panel. By observing this file thoroughly, you can come up with an idea about which are their favored things. BlurSpy browser screen recording allows you to:

  • Extract their bookmarks
  • Attain complete browsing history
  • Find their downloaded files
  • Know about hidden social media accounts which they open only through the browser
  • Copied pictures or text etc.

Browsing the internet can lead children to some sites which they should not visit. You child might be watching online movies during his study time, or he might be downloading explicit material in his mobile. Whatever the case is BlurSpy screen recording feature resolves it instantaneously. One most significant aspect of this feature is that you do not have to give it any separate permission and it does not consume any space either. Just select browser screen recording from the features menu of BlurSpy and start observing their browser. Your employee might be wasting his office time spending it on internet browsing. This affects the progress of work and if not correctly checked can lead to a rapid drop in work progress. Hence, make an intelligent decision and turn on BlurSpy browser screen recording feature. BlurSpy facilitates and updates you in every possible way. You do not have to bother about any glitches in the spy process because all BlurSpy features are wholly secret and your target can never guess if he is being spied on. You can relax in your office chair and see your target’s activities directly on your screen.

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