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Spying on any device without using the screen recorder is incomplete. Parents, as well as employers, do tracking the phones of their target users. Employers keep track of the activities of the employees and parents spy on their teens. BlurSPY app offers a new exciting feature that allows the users to spy on any smartphone.

Concept Behind Screen Recorder

The idea of this feature, screen recorder, is new. BlurSPY introduced this innovative feature for the parents in order to offer them a more powerful feature that spies on the phones of their teens. With this feature, any user can hack the whole device. The screen recorder will capture the screen of the phone and the users can view, access anything on the target phone.

How Does Screen Recorder Work?

The screen recorder is an awesome feature that has a good number of users for the parents and employers. With this feature, you can spy on a number of apps and even the whole device. Using the feature is simple. We will list the points to use the feature. When you turn on this feature, you will hack the phone. As the phone is hacked, you will have access to everything in the device including apps, messages, calls and emails and social media.

Steps to using the feature are listed below.

  • You will install the app on the target phone.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to the dashboard.
  • Find the screen recorder feature.
  • Turn it on. The feature will capture the whole screen of the app.
  • That is all.

What Can You Do with Screen Recorder?

This is the important users need to understand. The feature is very useful for parents. It can allow parents to capture the screen of the phones of their kids. They can then view their messages for preventing sexting, calls, social media apps to improve their safety and protect them from cyberbullies. Parents can also view the multimedia, photos, audio and video files and emails of the kids.

For employers, this feature is also a great option. Employers often need to spy on the employers to see their social media use and emails. The screen recorder feature can be used to check the emails, internet history, locations, phone history, browsing history, contacts and the file saved on the phones. Employers will have access to everything on the device of their employees.

Camera Screen Recording

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