COVID-19 Alert Parents Guide on Deadly Corona Virus

Desperate Time Calls For Immediate Actions: Parents Guide on Deadly Coronavirus

The world is facing a major pandemic these days, the Coronavirus outbreak has caused more than 11,000 deaths worldwide, based on the information from John Hopkins University in the USA. In such difficult times, parents all around the world are worried about their children’s health and safety mainly because children and elders are more prone to getting affected by this virus.

In such dire times, parents are trying anything to keep their children safe and sound. best parental monitoring software like BlurSPY can actually be a great help for parents, in these difficult times. Iran’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already announced on March 14 that they would any and all digital and technological means to track their citizens and stop infected people from spreading the infection. It means spying apps are really helping people worldwide in keeping their loved ones safe.

How Spying Apps Can Play Their Role?

There are multitudes of android monitoring software available these days but not all of them have features that can help in this situation. Smarter apps like BlurSPY can help parents track their children in so many diverse ways that parents can keep an eye on their kids all day round, what they are doing, who they are talking to, if they are being subjected to wrong information and if they are installing apps for Coronavirus information that actually is a tool for hackers, yes, that has happened to many people.

In addition, due to closing of all educational institutions and most organizations, your children are being subjected to the internet, and with so much time spent on the internet, children can go to the dark places of the internet; or enter the dangerous social media groups, or make unsafe friendships on the internet. That is why, mobile tracking apps are so important.

Features That May Help Parents:

Teen phone monitoring apps like BlurSPY have special features designed and specified for parents so that they can better take care of their children in this time of disaster.

The following are some of the features that parents may find increasingly useful in keeping their children safe and educated about the coronavirus pandemic.

Social Media Tracking for Avoiding Online Panic:

With so much leisure time people have these days, more and more people are spreading panic over the internet especially over social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. The Facebook monitoring software of apps like BlurSPY helps parents in making sure that their children are not subjected to such misinformation.

This feature also makes sure that all the parents know what their children are doing on their social media websites. Your children may join dangerous groups that are being disguised for coronavirus information and guidelines but are actually hacking their phones and leading youngsters to wrong directions, creating panic and damaging the mental health of your children. It is almost necessary for parents now to use these teen cell phone monitoring apps for keeping their children safe. Doctors claim that the panic of the disease can sometimes be much more dangerous than the actual disease, it is especially true for the Coronavirus as it can cause panic worldwide. It is the high time that you get smart monitoring apps like BlurSPY installed in your kid mobiles to make sure he/she does not become the victim of panic.

Call and Texts Logging to Stay Safe from Hackers:

Another important feature of teen monitoring apps like BlurSPY that will greatly help parents is the call and messaging logging. In almost every tragedy that comes to people, there are some people who try to use this panic to attain their own negative goals. Many people are being stuck in different spams and hackings through the frequent SMS that comes in the disguise of coronavirus updates, and in this way provide wrong details, as well as, prompt them to dial different numbers for help.

All of these lead to hackers being able to enter more easily into the children’s mobiles and steal their information. This can be stopped easily by parents through mobile tracking apps like BlurSPY. This app offers the call and text logging feature that allows the parents to keep a track of all the messages and calls that are being sent to and from their children’s phones, and hence ensures that parents can stop any sort of unsafe action their children may take in panic.

Location Tracking to Ensure Social Distancing:

One feature of kids monitoring software that is the most helpful for parents is the location tracking app. Due to the high infectivity of the coronavirus, it is easier to get infected when you are near other people, even if they are not sick, as they could be infected but asymptomatic. Going outside means not only putting yourself in danger but also your loved ones.

Children and teens can often make wrong decisions due to friends, social pressure, or just due to their lack of carefulness. That is why BlurSPY offers the feature of location tracking. Through this feature, a parent can ensure that their children are following the guidelines of social distancing and are not going anywhere outside of their homes. This feature can literally save so many lives, as one infected member can be dangerous for the whole family. In this dire pandemic situation, it is a must for parents to use this feature in spying apps, to ensure the survival of everyone around them.

Web Browsing to Ensure Online Safety:

Studies show that more than half of the youngsters in the Us spend more than 8 hours of their day online. And the number has increased due to the coronavirus pandemic that has resulted in closing all educational centers. That is why more effective mobile tracking apps like BlurSPY now provide the feature of tracking online web browsing.

This is so that all the parents can track the online browsing of their children. With a greater number of hours, children are spending on the internet, the risk of cybercrimes has increased. With this feature, BlurSPY phone snooping app allows you, parents, to get all information about their children’s activities, what are they searching, what websites they are visiting, are any harmful and age-inappropriate website being visited by them, are they getting rightly educated about the coronavirus in online platforms, or if any of their online activities could harm them. All this has actually become must-have information for parents for the sake of the safety of their children.



COVID-19 has been officially declared a pandemic by WHO and is making its way all around the world, causing more and more deaths. In such terrible times, it is the responsibility of the parents to keep their children healthy and safe. BlurSPY provides amazing features like social media tracking, call and messages logging, online browsing tracking, and location tracking. All of these features of cell phone tracking software like BlurSPY fully equip the parents with every information they could ever need to keep their children away from the coronavirus. So, are you a parent? If yes, what are you waiting for? Get amazing deals today. COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by WHO. It is necessary for parents to keep track of their children online and offline. BlurSPY fully equips parents to make sure their children are safe through its amazing mobile tracking features.

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