Crazy Social Media Challenges That Can Kill Your Kids

8 Crazy Social Media Challenges – Not to Try At Home

Social media was introduced to allow people to stay connected with one another. But when we look back and compare it with the current times, we see a huge difference between the purpose and how social media is used. People have gone crazy and they converted social media into something which is their life and death. Kids are the most addicted age group.

These days, social media is widely used around the world. In recent times, a weird change has been noticed on social sites. People have turned to absurd challenges which are tricky, life-threatening as well as dangerous for everyone. We have created this blog post on how some of the craziest challenges are the favorite stuff of your kids on social media and how these can disrupt the lives of kids.

The blue Whale challenge is so notorious that half of the world knows about it. Many children, as well as young people, lost their lives while performing many other challenges like this one. So it is important for parents to keep eye on their children, monitor social media, and check what kind of activities they do on digital platforms.

The Crazy Challenges Teens Are Doing Now

In the current times, we have witnessed several serious things going on social media sites. Kids have developed many harmful habits like using smartphones while eating, carrying out social media challenges, and risking their life by using apps like FaceApp, TikTok, Instagram & Vk. Among the many weird things, challenges are also common. Below are some of the most dangerous challenges which kids should not perform at all.

1.     Blue Whale Challenge

This challenge takes the first slot in our list because of its deadly nature. Blue Whale has introduced four years ago and became an instant hit. Millions of people installed and played this game. As the user plays, it gives serious challenges to the users like drawing a whale on the body with a knife, waking up at 3 AM, and escaping the house. The last challenge is to commit suicide to end the game. This is so insane.

2.     The Lip Challenge

The notorious Kylie Jenner lip challenge is all around the internet and thousands of teen girls are going crazy after it. According to this challenge, the users have to make their lips look like Kylie Jenner’s lips by using a jar. But when the teen girls perform this challenge, they end up damaging the blood vessels in their lips. It leads to serious infections, and even severe problems.

3.     The Dangerous Fire Challenge

Fire challenge is the next dangerous thing that has attracted a huge number of teen boys and girls. Parents have no idea what their kids are up to. Due to social media use, kids try to eat fire and end up in disasters. Their mouth, as well as their internal body system, is heavily damaged. They do all this to capture a video, share it on social media, and get a few likes. Is it not insane?

4.     Skin Eraser Challenge

Erasers are commonly used in schools and some insane people have used this as a challenge. Kids are urged to use an eraser to rub the skin of their bodies with it. They will keep doing this until the heat is produced and the skin is removed. It gets painful as the challenger continues to do. But the more pain you bear, the more you are appreciated. It can seriously prove lethal for school kids.

5.     Banana Sprite Challenge

You might not have seen anyone drinking Sprite after eating bananas. But this has turned into a crazy challenge for the kids and teens. According to this challenge, someone has to eat half a dozen bananas and then drink one liter of Sprite soon after it. It is not possible to digest bananas with a cold drink. Furthermore, science says the chemical reaction can go wrong leading to the death of the challenger.

6.     Car Surfing Challenge

We are always advised to be careful while driving. But what if you have to stay on top of the car while it is running and you got to maintain your balance? It can be deadly. There is a new challenge on social media which has the same principle of staying on top of the car while it is going at speed. 9 out of 10 challengers got serious injuries because they could not maintain their balance. Kids were in the majority.

7.     Sunburn Art Challenge

UV rays coming from the sun are extremely dangerous. People use sunburn creams and products to protect their bodies when they go out. But some people expose their bodies to sunlight intentionally. Why? Just because to perform a challenge. This new task asks the teens to expose a certain part of their body to sunlight and let it burn until there is a color change in the skin. It can cause cancer as UV rays are pretty dangerous.

8.     Boiled Water Bucket

It looks just insane to know to burn your own body with a bucket of boiling water. But this is a social media challenge that many teens are doing. They have to put a bucket of boiling water onto their body and face the music. They get nothing in return but just burns, admission to the hospitals, and even deaths in the worst cases.

Parents Got to take it Seriously

As we have talked about some of the worst challenges on social media, it becomes important for parents to control their children and not let them do such crazy things. None of these challenges is safe.

Use BlurSPY App

It becomes pertinent that parents should monitor the internet, social media, and phone usage of their children. With the help of advanced monitoring apps like BlurSPY, they can check the apps and games installed on their kids’ phones, what kind of things they do on social media, and how they are ruining their lives. This app offers many powerful features like monitoring phone usage, tracking social media, checking apps installed, games the kids play, and their internet history.

Many new dangers in social media challenges, which are too risky. Parents must take notice of this and not allow their children to play these games and challenges otherwise they will cause their deaths.

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