How Criminals Steal $37 Billion a Year from America’s Elderly

How Criminals Steal $37 Billion a Year from America’s Elderly

You might be the company’s owner and you might be wondered about the employee’s suspicious deeds that how they are working are they working in the right forum or not? Do they deserve your trust or not? As technology progresses into a new age, even the crime occurring all over the world takes a new turn. Scams, burglaries, theft has leaped and for that, we must be thoroughly prepared. Technology, which is advancing with such pace and to an extent that the only solution left to tackle the rising problems relevant to the medium is to use the very same channel with careful considerations.

How criminals steal $37 billion a year from America’s elderly?

A survey was conducted through which it was revealed that around $37 billion are stolen every year from America’s elderly people since they are one of the most vulnerable people to deceive easily. And as to discuss the manner how are they robbed millions, some of the common tricks that criminals use to steal $37 billion are discussed below;

Businessman hiring employees to hack accounts of clients

This trick has shown up as the latest and a modern manner of earning billions by criminal businessmen. The sole reason this being the most widespread stealing method is that elderly people are not mindful of the aftermath of signing up for companies where employers are the criminals in seek of stealing billions through their clients. These businessmen tend to attract their clients through any means and once the senior people sign up for their services, they ultimately sign up for being robbed by millions. These businessmen who reside in America, initially hire employees who very secretly steal confidential information and personal account information of these respective clients and take out every money from the account. They hack every private detail of the elderly people who don’t even know what is being carried out behind their backs. These American businessmen, in the same manner, rob thousands of people across the country each year and transfer their money offshore so that the crime doesn’t get detected.

Scamming lucky draw contest

One of the most common yet unique ways to scam elderly people to steal billions from them is by faking a lucky draw prize contest. Initially, criminals do a lot of research on the elderly person they are targeting to rob which is followed by timeline searching and placing a call on their mobile phones. These criminals so meticulously discuss and plant the fake details to such individuals about winning the lucky draw that has just been conducted in that respective state. By discussing the details of the lucky draw that has just been won by that respective elderly person, they then ask for bank details, statements and very cleverly they will ask you to deposit a certain amount into their account to fulfill the necessary obligations i.e. taxes and preliminary fund of the state. In this manner, they will ask you to deposit cash amounts at different intervals by making them look like they have been issued by the government, and just like that you will surely lose a hefty amount after which they completely cut you off and soon you are going to realize that you have just been scammed or trolled by these criminals.

Stealing via a fake health insurance scheme

The second most innovative idea that has been covered up by these criminals to rob elderly people of $37 billion is by asking to go through the health insurance revamping program. This respective trick is probably the most preferred trick to be utilized by such criminals because half of the population living in America compromises of elderly people who tend to sign up for health insurance programs due to their age factor. Through this scamming scheme, criminals will foremost go through the financial and lifetime details, information of the respective senior person, and place a call acting as government or private insurance policy employees. They will create a proper scenario as to how your opted health insurance program is going to expire soon and how you will be left with no proper care and beneficiaries regarding health checkups and many more. This will create an assumption or impact upon the seniors as they are out of option and because of their deteriorating health they must go for a new health insurance policy to secure their future. Just like so, these criminals acting as fake health insurance company employees will ask you to submit a bank statement into their account and upon following their orders, your million dollars will be transferred into their bank account after which they will shoo away leaving no trace of even their existence.

Hacking private information

There are some intelligent criminals as well who don’t try too hard to trick people instead, they just use their smart minds to target vulnerable people. There are some cases recorded in America which indicate how scammers or criminals hack into mobile phones of these elderly people and then rob them of millions. These criminals are totally aware as to how vulnerable and dependent these senior members have become over which they just have to find the IP address of their respective mobile phones and extract the confidential information from it. Since these elderly people are not totally considerate of the situation, they don’t really take out time to secure their private information installed on their mobile phones because of which these hackers only have to get physical access to their mobile phones and snatch out the IMEI number from it.

BlurSPY- Spy tracking software

Now the real question arises, how to tackle the ever-growing problem without causing chaos or havoc? To answer all your queries, we bring you the BlurSPY– phone stalker app, which will make you go worry-free about your problems, especially when talking about protecting your parents from these wandering scammers present on and off-net.

View cell phone history

The most important feature that BlurSPY provides its users is the availability of call logs which can be easily accessed by the children of these elderly people. We are totally aware of how these scammers initially approach elderly people through voice calls and only through that channel you can get to track this fraud situation and act accordingly. You can trace regular calls being received by unknown numbers through which you will get to know either these calls are being dialed by scammers or acquaintances.

Call intercept software

Through this feature available on this spyware app, you can easily get to hear live voice calls and differentiate as to which call is being carried out by these wildering scammers. Elderly people don’t think much before receiving calls via unknown numbers so without hindering their personal space, children can switch on the spy call recorder and catch these scammers red-handed when they ask for personal bank account statements or quotations or any vital information.

Text message interceptor

The next feature to get highlighted in this startling phone spy lookup is intercepting cell phone text messages without much hassle and stress. The very important step that the scammers tend to make is verifying your details through text messages for one last time when they make the scamming move before cutting the contact off forever. So, whenever children see their parents sharing such confidential information via text messages, you can always act promptly and take scrutinized measures depending on the situation.

To save yourself from being a part of such a wild scam, children can always make use of this unique phone bugs software i.e. BlurSPY which is a 5-star spyware app built meticulously to save you from any sort of online threats as well as offline scams carried worldwide. BlurSPY – the Android spy software is constructed wisely to proffer its users with safe and efficient features so that you don’t have to stress over the inability to access it and operate it methodically. Not only this BlurSPY also provides its users with 100+ exciting features which include; chat spyware, camera bugs, GPS location tracker, remote microphone spy, multimedia intervention, and many more through which you can easily get to use relevant feature depending on the volatility of the condition.    

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