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Detecting Cyber bullying but Can It Be Stopped?

Bullying has evolved over the years. There was school rigging where new students and teens were bullied in many ways. Then came the social media and dating sites. But the bullies have become smarter with the passage of time and they are everywhere from schools, colleges to social media and other online platforms.

Even the world is making strict laws when it comes to cyberbullying; we have seen an increase in bullying cases over the years. Many college students and teens committed suicide after they were bullied. Many parents have suffered the worst and their children are not willing to accept anything just because they are bullied by the seniors as well as people on social media.

How to Detect Cyberbullying?

Most of the teens never share such things with parents and sibling because they become so weak and destroyed inside. They lose trust in every person and they see a bully in every face. There is no solution for such teens who don’t share their problems with parents and siblings. However, parents have to rescue their children with some tips and tricks. Following are the signs that show a teen has been bullied online or offline and he needs help.

When a Teen is Upset Following the Use of Phone

This is one of the common signs that show your teen has been facing or is still facing cyberbullying. When children are upset after they have been using their phones, they were probably bullied and body shamed. For this, parents should check their internet history, browsing history, check contacts list, social media record and ask them about who bullied them so that it can be prevented.

A Child is Being Protective of Secretive of the Phone

If you feel something strange with your children and want to get their phone, they might not share that with you. They are not willing to hand over their device, phone or tablet to anyone. This is because they know there is something on their phone that will let the parents knows he was bullied. They are reluctant in sharing data and information.

Your Child is Reluctant to Attend the School

Many children speak about it with their parents. These teens are really brave and they have confidence in parents so according to them sharing everything with parents will be helpful. But if a child is not willing to go to school or any school without any valid reason, that might be because he or she was bullied in school. This is disturbing for parents. They should talk to the child as well as school teachers and administration.

There is a Change in Mood, Behavior, Sleep or Appetite of Your Child

This is another sign that shows the child was bullied. There can be some other reasons when teens don’t eat enough or like they should. But if all these are together, they show cyberbullying. You will see the child will be upset, distress, not responding the way he or she should and he is not interested in anything. Parents should carefully handle such children because they are really disturbed with what happened.

You May See Sudden Withdraw and Dislike of Social Media

Teens don’t quit social media until there is a big reason for this. That reason can be cyberbullying. If you notice your child has stopped using social sites and is not interested anymore, you should detect it immediately because this is a sign of bullying. Such children lose interest in the internet and social sites. Even they start hating socialization. They want to live alone and with their environment.

Can Cyberbullying Be Stopped and How?

When it comes to cane we stop it and if yes then how there are many things parents as well as other people can do to prevent it. First, the detection is really important. Without detection, the nature of bullying and what type of it was, the bullied child can’t be treated and prevented from it.

Parents have the most important responsibility that they should talk to their children, take great care of them, listen to their issues, solve their problems and offer them help whenever they need. Any change in the mood, behavior or nature should make parents alerted. They should sit with the child and try to explore if they were bullied.

Parents Should Talk with Children about Online Issues

As soon as the parents realize their teen is bullied, they should stay calm and talk about it with the child. They should sit with the child and discuss online issues, social media, how and what people do on social sites and how is the experience of their child. This may help the child and urge him to share it with the parents. If the child does share, it is a great thing and parents should immediately take further steps.

Parents Need to Build Trust with Children

There is a dire need that parents should build healthy relations with the children and gain their trust. They will find it comfortable to share their problems. They will see parents as their friends who can help them in any difficult situation.

Parents Should Use a Parental Control App

Apart from what we discussed above, parents can also use BlurSPY which is a great parental control app and lets parents monitor their kids in order to save them from cyberbullying and other issues. The app offer screen monitoring of social sites, dating sites, and apps, text message tracking, GPS location tracking, bugging the mic of the device, listening to their surroundings and many other features for better parental control.


Cyberbullying can be really dangerous for young children and teens. Parents should talk to the children, try to find out when and how they were bullied and take further steps to stop it. They should use kids monitoring software and keep eyes on the teens, their online activities, social media use, text messages as well as what they do on their phones and who they talk to.

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