A digital device with super natural powers

A Naked Digital Eye with Super Natural Powers

What comes in your mind when you think about the naked digital eye most probably the first thing you may think about is the phone camera, but I am not talking about a phone camera at all. What I am talking about is a kind of digital eye with some supernatural powers, these powers are not available in ordinary digital eyes and ordinary phone spying software’s. These supernatural powers are only available in one spying assistant which is none other than BlurSPY. This state of the art mobile spy app is used to keep a close eye on whatever you are doing on your smartphone.

When you are secretly able to successfully install this advanced spy app in your target phone then after that you need not worry. Your job will be to become amazed at this awesome yet effective digital eye with unbelievable superpowers. If you are a concerned parent and are extremely worried about the excess use of the cell phone by your child or the activities of your children on their online social platforms. If you are a concerned employer and you think that some of your employees are not doing their job properly. They are getting paid for doing nothing at all, they just come in and waste their time and then they leave happy knowing that they did cheat you and there is no one who knows about it. The third category of cheaters belong to the business partners, these are the words of a wise man that one should never blindly trust his business partner rather he should keep a very close eye on him to monitor his personal affairs so that he can make a prediction of what is he planning to do next and what are the circle of people which he met recently.

If you are concerned parents and want to keep an eye on the activities of your child without asking and without him knowing about it, then look no further because you have come to the right place. This smart digital naked eye is your one-stop solution to all the problems you are having while parenting. Now, he employs you hired can cheat you no more as you will be keeping an eye on every single move they make while using their desktop computer or their mobile phone in the office working hours. Whenever they turn on any Porn website than you are readily notified about that event so that you can act accordingly.

Some Super Natural Powers of BlurSPY:

  • View call history:

The User of the BlurSPY who installed the android spy on the targeted phone will have unlimited access to the call logs and call history along with perfect time & date. This advance spying app will also make reports based on the call history and will present it to you even after all the information is deleted by the user of the targeted phone.


  • Remotely capture screenshots & Record Surrounds:

Once you are successful in installing this spying app in the targeted phone than you will have the liberty to capture screenshots of the targeted phone. Also, you can capture remotely screenshots of all social media platforms. The user will also able to record sounds of the surrounding area by using the microphone of the targeted mobile.


  • Actively spy on social applications:

This advanced spy app lets you to spy on the social applications like WhatsApp, Snap Chat, Instagram, Facebook, Tinder and TikTok by remotely making video of the screen while using specific apps so that nothing can deceive you and you can actively keep an eye on the activities of your child and your business partner while they socialize on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.


  • View text messages conversations:

This mobile spy app lets the user to actively spy on text messages which are being sent and received by the user of the targeted phone. Thus making it impossible for any sensitive piece of information to get away from the eyes of the one who is spying you.


There are countless spying tools available in the market but the BlurSPY is guaranteed to be 100% better than all of these spying tools. It is highly recommended that if you have any fears that someone is cheating on you then you should instantly take the services of the BlurSPY app so that you can stop worrying and start living.

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