Employees Doing Their Task With Given Time or Just Doing Freelancing_

Your Employees Doing Their Task With Given Time or Just Doing Freelancing?

Freelancing & Employees

Nowadays we people don’t want to waste any of our time without making money. Especially recently graduated students who are completing their tenure every year are having a hard time to start living by their means. These eager most bunch of people are facing some harsh time to save money for their families or post-graduation admission. We often find ways and sources in which we can try to sneak up some bucks for ourselves. Sometimes even after being able to secure a permanent job, we can’t help ourselves but use our free time at work for other activities like freelancing. This platform of freelancing provides every individual to earn money without needing to move physically, therefore, luring people into doing these tasks wherever and whenever possible. For once this seems a reasonable thing to go for since we are only willing to make some more money but thinking it otherwise, this may sound unethical. Because no matter how much effort you put up trying to defend yourself for seeking out ways to make money, being unfaithful to your full-time job duties still does not cover up the fact.

Loyalty to a certain company

Once you are hired for a certain company, you should not be using any of your free time within the workplace to get involved in any other tasks or freelance work. Instead, all of your focus should be placed on your official job duties. Your employer places his trust in you to carry out designated assignments at the workplace so using your free time at work for different job purposes may not be an adequate thing. No matter how intermixed your situation gets, you cannot think to bargain or compromise on your on-job obligations and duties, because this unethical act of employees on frequent occasions leads to a decrease in productivity and an increase in suspiciousness. Just, for instance, your boss has assigned you a task which has to submit by the end of the day no matter how you do it and when you do it. And side by side as an employee you are also meeting up deadline on your freelance work. Here the situation gets a little complicated since, both the on and off work duties need to be submitted in a short period. So generally, here your ultimate decision should be in favor of your full-time job assignment because this certain assigned task resonates with different other duties which if not completed on time may concur loss in productivity or commitment of the organization you are working for.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing comes with all sorts of variant job categories, shapes, and sizes. Some people choose to act as freelance content writers, some choose to act as designers while some just act as counselors or consultants over the freelancing platform. No matter what sort of freelancing category you choose to work on, by the end of the time you end up providing your services to your customer. These categorized freelancing jobs at first May seems to require short term dedication, but in reality, it requires an unruly amount of time. And because of this, people often end up following freelancing activities during their on-time jobs as well. People should access freelancing assignments but this should never be the reason to risk their full-time job commitments.

Is It Ok To Do The Blind Trust on Employees?

Talking about employers, they often place blind trust in their employees to deliver out respective projects and assignments. First handedly, employers should have the audacity to question their workers about what they choose to do during their leisure time at the workplace. Since striking a friendly conversation may encourage these employees to blurb out the truth. Secondly, they should lay out clear instructions to this employee lame excuses for apprehending the consequences that may occur if they do not choose to do something prolific during their free time on the job. Even after setting out clear instructions for your team, some of the inside workers do not choose to obey the command, then as employers, you shall not put your business, moral imperative in harm’s way and simply ask them to quit their job because it is a matter of your organizational standards and moral practice. Not only this but most of the time, these employees take unnecessary advantage of the resources they are provided for job purposes. They make use of it during their on-job duty calls to complete their freelancing assignments jeopardizing organizational assets for selfish reasons. So to cover these tracks, employers should pose up certain rules and regulations to which if anyone tries to cross over might face some harsh consequences.

BlurSPY & Employees Monitoring

There are many online tools and digital applications through which employers can choose from to monitor their workplace against such employees who tend to use provided resources on-job to carry out their freelancing projects. There is a certain spyware app, that lets you keep track of your employee potential time or whereabouts. The most on running monitoring software that has taken the digital market by storm associates to BlurSPY. It is one of the most accessible, easy to use spyware app that comes with countless exciting features for you to choose from to track any end-user you want on your mobile desktop. Any person who wants to avail of these exciting, unique features, must just sign up for their services for once and then get full-time accessibility to fetch relevant options for their purpose. As an employer, who wants to make sure whether his employee is not using any of their on-duty time wandering over their freelancing projects, BlurSPY has come to the rescue program. By subscribing to this effective phone monitoring software, now you would easily be able to check what your employee’s online and offline activities are. Through this employee monitoring software, now you would be able to see private text messages that your employee receives or sends over their devices, not only this but it also enables you to check facebook messages, decodes WhatsApp conversation to make sure that they are not involved in doing any freelancing activities. Apart from keeping tabs on messages, employers will also be to intercept call recordings on their employee mobile phones since they tend to make the majority of them dealing with freelancing clients on call. In this manner, you can catch up with their on-duty activities and warn them against doing so. Sometimes employees seek out help with their fellow workers to complete freelancing projects without alarming their bosses/employers but thanks to this monitoring application, which lets you bug microphones of your employee making it possible for you to listen to any possible conversation between the respective employee and co-worker.

Freelancing & Desk job

Although this is a debatable topic either one should go for freelancing over desk job or one should stick with their full-time job obligations because everything comes with a prize. You cannot think to manage both things side by side since it affects your sense of moral responsibility in both ways. Even if you somehow manage to balance both your on-job duties and freelancing work at a time, this might drain you off completely. As an employee you should not betray the trust that your boss has placed in you to carry out your job duties, even if he has not laid out any instructions to refrain from freelancing activities, you should not exploit your company’s assets and resources for personal reasons since no matter how safe this practice seems it still can cause huge losses at the back. Every employer should try to support their employees by providing loans or bonus cash from time to time, in this manner, any person who is using his time on-job freelancing might be able to cover up for it with the extra money been provided. A better and feasible way to encourage your employees to refrain from freelancing activities during a job is by providing them assignments that offer a high amount of cash upon completion.


So in this manner, the employees will put all of their efforts and hard work to complete the assignment before the deadline to make extra cash which will also verify beneficial for organizational production and dynamic incentive. Helping your employees to cover up their extra expenses without them needing to opt to freelance as second money-making source will also promote trustworthy relations amongst the workplace community as it will encourage every worker active to fully participate in their respective job commitments thus proving fruitful to the community and organization in whole. Employers should seek professional help through consultancy to make ways of keeping their employees on track regarding falling for freelancing options during job duties and if everything else feels useless then android spy app remote install is the last option you have left with, that will surely help you in monitoring your employees tasks and activities because this is a one-stop solution that will provide you every necessary tool to carry out the purpose as it promises.

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