Spy on Facebook and FB Messenger

Over the years, the use of social media sites and apps have become really common. It is growing with the passage of time. All the social sites and apps come serious security risks and dangers for all the users. But teens are the most affected users. Similarly, Employers should also monitor the employees when they are in safe as they spend a lot of time using social media and particularly Facebook.

Facebook Spy App | monitor facebook | Facebook chat spy

Parents, as well as employers, can track their target person with BlurSPY app. BlurSPY offers a feature to track Facebook use on any Android device. It makes pretty easy and simple for parents as well as other users to monitor the social media with live screen recording feature. You can track messenger conversations, capture their screens, take screenshots as well as store the data for later use.

Track Facebook Messenger with BlurSPY App

Facebook spy allows users to monitor social media use and that of Facebook. Parents can protect their kids, teens, and children. An employer can keep an eye on the Facebook use of employees.

  • Activate the screen recording feature
  • Spy on Facebook use, check the newsfeed and friend lists
  • See what your teens are doing and what kind of content they share
  • Keep a check on the Facebook activities of the target person
  • Parents can hack Facebook of their kids to hide their locations and permanently disable the permission feature
  • A track, view and check messages on Facebook Messenger app
  • Protect your kids with BlurSPY app by tracking messenger conversations.

Spy on Facebook with Keylogger

Parents can also spy on the Facebook and social media use of their teens and kids with BlurSPY’s Keylogger feature. The Keylogger allows users to track the keystrokes of a keyboard on any device. How to spy on Facebook with Keylogger is given below.

  • Install the app on the device
  • Make sure the device is connected to the internet
  • Go to your dashboard and spot the Keylogger
  • Turn on this feature
  • It will give you all the details of keystrokes pressed and used on the keyboard of the target device
  • With keystrokes, you can figure out the text/message typed
  • This feature potentially helps parents, as well as employers, find out what their target person is up to.

What Advanced Spy App Features We Offer with Spy on Facebook?


  • WhatsApp keystroke
  • Messaging Keystroke
  • Password Keystroke

Call Spy

  • Call Recorder Incoming/Outgoing
  • Call History With Logs
  • Calling Real-time Location

Get Instant Notifications

  • Alerts on SIM change
  • Prohibited Location Entry Alert
  • Geo-Fence Alert
  • Get Instant Alert On Keywords

Check Calendar Activities

  • View Meeting Scheduler
  • View Address Book
  • View Calendar Entries

Monitor Internet Activities

  • View web browser history
  • View bookmarks
  • Filter Internet

Spy On Text Messages

View send and receive SMS
Pin Messages

Track Social Media

  • WhatsApp
  • Viber
  • SnapChat Private Conversation
  • Facebook
  • Tinder & more


  • Capture Remotely Pictures From Their Camera
  • Mic Bugging
  • Photo Bugging

Track Gallery Images & Videos

  • Snapped by the device’s camera
  • Get access to photos
  • View All the Videos

GPS Location Tracker

  • Live GPS Location Tracker
  • Look at location history
  • Mark Save Areas

Read Their Emails

  • Read sent/receive emails
  • Read Spam emails
  • View email contacts list

Access Remotely To The Device

  • View/Block Installed Apps
  • Remote Update
  • Restrict Callers

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