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Frequently Asked Questions

BlurSPY is a tracking and spying software. It is available in a pair of two apps. One is bug app for the target and other is admin app for you. Bug app can be installed on someone’s device whom you want to spy on. It can be downloaded from Blurspy website. Access our site by searching it in the browser and can get yourself registered over there. You also monitor your target online through the website. There are three simple steps to install Blurspy:

  • Get access to the device you are targeting on.
  • Install and activate Blurspy bug app in it.
  • Bug app will be hidden automatically after completion of installation.
  • Allow all the permissions to access the device from applications settings.
  • Install Blurspy admin app in your device.
  • Login to your Blurspy account and start tracking.

BlurSPY provides you with a handy manual on their website. Once you decide to install the app, this manual gives you a step by step guidance which is clear and easy to follow.

Certainly not, you have to get access to the device you want to track. Which means it should be of someone you know closely and can use their device like a mobile or computer system.

No, BlurSPY is meant to keep a certain level of privacy. Which indicates that you will have to get that device unlocked by the owner and then you will be able to install it. BlurSPY does not breach passwords.

If you have a good internet connection, it will only take 2-4 minutes in installation. Otherwise, a bit more time will be needed.

BlurSPY can be installed on Windows, iOS, android and blackberry devices. Which implies that it supports almost all devices.

Generally, BlurSPY will only be installed after you seek permission from the person you are spying on. Or at least they know about it. Otherwise, they may file a lawsuit against you. BlurSPY only gives you access once you verify it.

Once your target device starts getting tracked, your account will be collecting data from it. If the internet connection of the target device is weak, it may delay the uploading of data. Otherwise, it will start uploading immediately to your account. It will be stored, and you can watch it later.

No, BlurSPY supports many languages. No matter which language is being used in your target device, BlurSPY will provide you exact information in your account.

If you are a busy parent and do not have time to monitor your kid all the time, BlurSPY can be of great help to you. Alternatively, if you want to keep an eye on your employee, BlurSPY will be your best choice in this regard.

Yes, BlurSPY gives every user a username and password which he can change at any time. It is your responsibility to remember and keep your password safe.

BlurSPY offers you a wide range of tracking features which start from listening and recording live calls to monitoring all the social networking apps, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. The location, call log, SMS history, apps installed, etc all can be tracked with BlurSPY.

BlurSPY can record images, videos, audios, GPRS location, etc. In short, it can be said every kind of files can be tracked and saved with Blurspy in all conventional and some specific formats.

BlurSPY truly cares about his customers and their privacy. BlurSPY keeps all the data which has been entrusted upon its team safe and encrypted. Even BlurSPY application management team cannot access your data under normal circumstances. All your data is safe with BlurSPY. If you wish to stop using BlurSPY, your data will all be wiped out from the server.

No. target device will not come to know that it is being tracked. BlurSPY stealth mode is specially designed to make sure that no battery and storage is consumed. Your device’s battery may get consumed a little bit due to the uploading activity.

Yes, you can use it. If you wish to switch your target device, you will have to change the aviation number by logging into your account. So you can start tracking your new target device.

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