BlurSpy monitoring software has an unlimited range of tracking features!

From location tracking to getting out browser’s history, BlurSpy provides you access to all features. This great monitoring software helps you in keeping an eye on anything fishy going on in your office or in your child’s life. All systems are competent with BlurSpy tracking software, from blackberry to Android and Windows to Tablets, operating systems are not a hindrance in its marvelous functioning.

Live Call recording (2)

Top 3 Live Blur

BlurSpy tracking software detects and records call in your target device and make the contacts of your suspected person evident. It records screen activity of the gadget in which you have installed BlurSpy and makes it convenient for you to see their activity throughout the day. The camera can be used in an unbelievably useful way to protect your dear ones or business. Bugging the camera gives you an insight of target’s preferences.

Fully Fledged Spy Software for Digital Devices!

Bug the Mic and Hear Surrounding Voices!

BlurSpy surround recorder can easily record and save all the surrounding voices of your target mobile or tablet device. This awesome feature is one of its kind and gives you full knowledge of verbal conversations going on when you are not around. To get a clear insight into someone’s intentions, this spying feature is very supportive.

Surround Recording

Fully Fledged Spy Software for Digital Devices!

Take Camera SnapShots on the Sly

BlurSpy mobile spying app secretly captures snapshots without giving the slightest clue to the owner of the target device. These snapshots are uploaded directly to an online web-based admin Panel account and you can infer very precious information about your target like, where your target has been to and which people he has met. You can conveniently scrutinize your child/employee’s whereabouts by spying his camera and picture gallery.

Fully Fledged Spy Software for Digital Devices!

Sneak Through their Chats and Calls!

Most of the conversations are made through texts messages and calls. These communication formats hold a great amount of information about the possessor of the device with a BlurSpy app, you can navigate through your target’s text messages either sent via sim card or any social communication app. BlurSpy Surveillance gives you access to their entire call log enabling you to examine their contracts and the duration in your dashboard, anywhere anytime you want.

SMS & Call logs

Fully Fledged Spy Software for Digital Devices!

Never Miss Your Target’s GPS Location!

GPS tracker is a marvelous feature of Blurspy which records all the locations visited by the target mobile. Blurspy always keeps a record of things to view them later, even after deletion from the target device. You can get a weekly report and location history on your dashboard. In addition to this, it is very convenient to mark safe areas on the map for your kids or employees. Upon crossing the limits Blurspy always gives a beep with notification.

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