Unknown Incoming Calls? Block Straight Away

Can you block unknown calls on your dear’s mobile phone? Definitely yes! Only If you have BlurSPY Mobile monitoring software. Enhancing your control over your children’s or employee’s activities, BlurSPY lets you choose which calls should be allowed and which shouldn’t be. Moreover, to do this, you don’t even need to scold them. Stay stealth and maintain the health of your relationship with your child and employees.

Call blocker app for parents

Best That You Can Avail

Easily Block unwanted contacts which are suspicious in the call logs.

  • There’s no limit to blocking. Block as many as you want.
  • Delete unwanted saved contacts permanently from your employee’s or child’s phone.
  • Access will never be out of your reach. Use the web-based control panel or log in through any device having BlurSPY dashboard app.

Why Need Call Blocking Feature?

Who doesn’t know about teenage? It is usually energetic and full of enthusiasm. Being parents this part of age is of utmost concern. Curiosity being a chief quality may lead a child astray. He/she may indulge himself in unwanted and harmful discussion with wicked people. Keeping in view this very concern of parents, this useful feature of BlurSPY App has been launched.

We know your problem doesn’t end here. Analogous situations arise with your employees. Why worry when you have BlurSPY mobile tracker? Yes, BlurSPY call blocking feature expands your command over your employees, without letting them know. Without a prompt, install the BlurSPY mobile tracking app and limit the horizon of your employee. No doubt you need it for stopping potentially dangerous rivals from sucking out your highly confidential data from some innocent employees.

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