View Call Logs Using BlurSPY

BlurSPY mobile monitoring app allows you to get a complete history of all calls made from and received by your target device. This remarkable feature gives you access to the following

  • You can view all the required details of the calls and phone numbers.
  • You have access to the duration of calls and time, i.e. when a call was made or received along with dates.
  • If needed you can download coCall log trackermplete call history in the form of a spreadsheet.

The control panel of your BlurSPY admin is an online user interface which displays this data. You can chase saved information of any particular contact number using BlurSPY contact monitoring.

Why Call Logs Access Using BlurSPY?

Being a parent, you might not always be free or available to listen to all live calls being made by your child. However, the need for keeping a track doesn’t vanish with just live calls. You might need to get access to call logs to check who has been called, at what time and with what frequency. Similar is the case for an employee. You need BlurSPY to keep an eye on his calls and how frequently are they being made at your workplace.

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