Camera Bugging – Crystal Clear View

Do you think that you can’t be with your children everywhere they go? Or do you think that you can’t know about your employees’ activities when they are assigned important tasks? Look at this mind-blowing feature of the BlurSPY cell phone spy app. Some say it teleports you to the place where your kids are present yet keeping you invisible! Yes, you can actually see what your young ones are doing at your back. Access the camera by sending a camera bug, and you will get pictures of your child’s or employee’s surroundings.

Who wants to spoil his relation with his teenager or employee by letting him know of your doubts regarding this activates? You don’t need to tell them either. Just use your friendly and handy mobile spying app BlurSPY, which is completely stealth. Control both front and rear camera of your target’s cell phone.

Camera Bug and Its Awesomeness

Camera BugThere’s no limit to awesomeness when it comes to BlurSPY Android spy, and particularly Camera Bug feature. This feature allows you to:

  • Operate back and front camera of the targeted device.
  • Save captured photos in your BlurSPY online account.
  • Manage captured photos as per date and time.

Why BlurSPY Camera Bug

Specially designed for parents and employers, BlurSPY phone spy app gives you freedom over the space which you cannot enter otherwise. From saving your relation to saving your confidential information, you will find it your best ever friend in almost every field of your life. Camera bug gives you pictures of places, things or surroundings which make you realize the usefulness of BlurSPY. First, you need to experience this fantastic app only then you will be able to testify its significance. We bet you will be addicted to its impressive features very soon.

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