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Instagram has converted into a leading media sharing platform, both with your followers and those you wish to follow. However, reports say that a considerable fraction of Instagram users have faced cyberbullying or they have been trapped into scams. Children are interested in Instagram due to its catchy display and fully fledged features. The new generation is mostly busy in clicking snaps and sharing them on Instagram. Parents must be watchful about whom their kid is following and what his preferred platforms are. BlurSPY Instagram screen recording feature is very efficient in its working and provides you a thorough screen recording of your target device.

All That You Get Through Instagram Screen Recording

Instagram Screen recorderAfter you install BlurSPY in your child’s gadget, you just need to enable Instagram screen recording and you are all set to spy on his favorite social media app. You will not have to face any hassle in selecting this app separately. You can conveniently choose numerous social media app simultaneously. Instagram screen recording feature spies on the following things:

  • Followers and followings
  • Likes and comments
  • Direct messages
  • Stories uploaded
  • Sent following requests
  • Shared pictures and videos

Reports state that every 5th person on Instagram has faced bullying and harassment in one form or another. Extremist groups always aim at brainwashing naïve children and innocent Instagram users. There are many traps set out there to allure children and involve them in heinous crimes. From sex trafficking to organ selling all mafias try to blackmail teenagers by threatening them. These situations can be devastating for their future. If you want to protect your child from these troubles, you will have to take a step forward and monitor his interests and preferences. BlurSPY Instagram screen recording provides this feasible opportunity to parents. You can record their screen activity on Instagram throughout the day and can watch it in your free time. Stop biting nails in tension and find a solution to these virtual world’s problems your kid might be facing.

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