How to Record and Interrupt Calls Using BlurSPY?

BlurSPY is simple to install and use. There is a bug app for the targeted device you can monitor from Control Panel all the device information. Install bug on the target device, respectively. After creating an account in the BlurSPY control panel, you will receive an activation key which you use in bug app. And you are ready to go.

Cell phone tracking app automatically records all the calls which your target makes. You can access these recorded calls from the control panel. Call-Recorder dashboard. But being highly confidential data, you can only access it with a username and password

Are you worried about who your children or employees are calling? Don’t worry! We have a best yet the easiest solution for you, the “BlurSPY “. BlurSPY spyware app not only lets you monitor incoming and outgoing calls but also provides you with complete control over your targeted device. Now it’s not a big deal to listen, record and interrupt target device’s calls. All this is possible with BlurSPY phone tracker

With BlurSPY all the essential controls remain in your hand without giving the slightest doubt to your target. Here’s a list of what you can do using your mobile spy app

  • Live listening to incoming and outgoing calls
  • Record all outgoing and incoming calls
  • Maintain an online record of all recorded calls
  • Ongoing calls interrupting

Why BlurSPY Live Call Recorder Used?

Be it security of your teenager or company, it’s always a matter of high concern for you. Teenagers being innocent may involve themselves with wrong people. Being parents it’s your responsibility to protect them while maintaining good relations. Similarly keeping track of your employees is important to avoid leakage of your sensitive information to your competitors. With all these challenges you definitely need a cell phone tracking software which helps you while keeping you stealth. And this need is fulfilled by BlurSPY.

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