BlurSPY gives you the facility of recording the live screen too!

Apart from some other excellent location tracking features, BlurSPY mobile spying app has introduced a new feature through which the activities on the screen can also be recorded. Being a parent, if you are curious about online activities your child is involved in, then stop worrying! You need to install BlurSPY phone spy app on your kid’s mobile, and you can record anything going on there. It just requires a command about time and your tracking is already on the go. Keeping an eye on call and location records of your employees might not be sufficient at times, in these situations BlurSPY onscreen recording is your real relief.

Why is Screen Recording mode Special?

Unlike the other features which only give you lots of data, on-screen recording feature provides you with all the happenings on your target device. It not only records but also sends to you and you can save it on your device, too. In case you wish to take a look at it in the future.

  • It records each and every activity being done on the screen
  • It does not need to be activated, it already is
  • On-screen recording can be done on any device, i.e. Mac, Windows, and Android, Blackberry.
  • You can record social media activities like; Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO, Skype, TikTok and all other applications.
  • No space consumption while recording videos
  • Maximum 45 minutes record time of per time.

Why Should You choose Live Screen Recording Feature?

If the location tracking data is not enough for you to isolate the employee who is not focused on his work, onscreen recording can give you a solution. If you are far away from your home or office and want to keep an eye on your child or your subordinate, BlurSPY on-screen recording feature can be the most reliable solution for you. What makes this feature unique is that it spies in total silence, it does not show any icon of recording or monitoring. The person whose device is being monitored does not come to figure out if anything suspicious is there or not. If you are keen about the security of your company’s data and cannot risk it, screen recording can fade away all your stress by showing you precisely what your workers are up to, what software they use and where they spend most of their time. This phone screen tracking feature gives you full access to your kids’ interests and lets you know if they are spending time in good or wasting it.

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