Mark Restricted Areas

Not all the places are worth visiting for your children. Some may be risky while others can be illegitimate. If you know any of these places and you never want your child to be there, BlurSPY Android spy has a great innovation made just for you. With its Geo-Fencing feature, you will always be notified if your child or employee goes to a place which is potentially harmful either for him or for you.

How you can use BlurSPY Mark Restricted Areas Feature?

Mark restricted Area

Marking restricted areas and updating it on BlurSPY tracker is very convenient even for beginners. All you have to do is:

  • Install BlurSPY software in your child/employee’s device and choose the GPS tracking feature
  • Mark the dangerous radius points, which you would not want your child to cross
  • Select if you wish to receive notifications through text or email and get started.

These steps will be completed within no time, and your target device is ready to go. You will always be alert about where your target is and where he has been.

Why should you prefer Geo-Fencing feature?

Employees can be significant threats to the welfare of your office because business rivals always try to buy your trusted people for their benefits. It is not really possible to believe each one of the people working under you. Then what should be done to make sure the safety of your business secrets? BlurSPY bug app has brought this innovative feature with which there is no chance that a black sheep from your office can meet your rival. You can mark the companies that are your rivals, and if any of your employees visit the prohibited places, you will get a ping at your control panel Likewise, teenagers and growing children do not share their favored sites with everyone, being parents it is your headache to keep a record of where he/she has been after school. This feature frees you from all the worries of dangerous places where they should not go. Just specify the areas which you feel are risky for your child and next process will be done by BlurSPY. Stop bothering and thinking that where your employee had spent the time when you assigned him an outdoor task. Just link his device with your BlurSPY admin account and relax. Sit back at your chair and see the targets moving around directly on your screen.

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