Mark Safe Areas – Virtual Fencing

Stop worrying about your children or your employees. Install BlurSPY and relax on your couch or concentrate on your work. It’s not a single app but a complete set of features which assists you in your daily life.

If you are worried about bunks of your child or it is your employee who doesn’t know how to walk straight, just know their locations as they leave their respective safe zones. We, the BlurSPY team, understand your needs and commitments.

Fencing Offers You Freedom

Mark all the safe zones on the map provided in the BlurSPY control panel. As soon as your target leaves the secure area, you will get an instant notification. Your BlurSPY mobile tracking app can do a lot more using the Mark Safe Area feature

  • Mark safe regions in maps given in control panel of your control panel app.
  • Get notified as your target leaves safe zone.
  • Get instant notification through a message, email or both

Why BlurSpy Geo-Fencing?

Teenage brings a lot of charm and attraction to a child’s life. You send them to high school or college, but like all the parents you always remain worried about their whereabouts. Are they bunking classes? Or did the reach school or college safely? Where do they go after school when they return late? Don’t worry its entirely natural to have such questions in your mind. After all, you are parents. Being a parent, it doesn’t mean that you have to live a life full of exhausting worries. Alright, let’s say your child is a highly obedient kid and never gets astray. But what about your employees? Are they the same as your child? Honest, obedient and Loyal? Actually, you never know about when somebody is going to deceive you. Why don’t you take care of your assets well before the destruction?

This is where your BlurSPY kids’ monitoring app comes to action. Just mark safe areas for your kids or employees and stay relaxed. You are never going to miss their locations when they leave their safe zones.

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