Sim Change Notification – Update About Active Number

Don’t you think that your employee can use sim card other than the one registered with BlurSPY? Not sure about you but BlurSPY cell phone spy application team thinks so and has already taken care of that. BlurSPY

best spy apps present a new and exclusive feature of Sim Change Notification. The feature with the power on the device checks the active sim card and informs you about the changes made in a targeted device.

Sim Change Notification Feature a complete package:

Sim change notification | Cell phone spyAll are best in this new feature of Sim Change Notification. Some of the details are as under:

  • This feature of BlurSPY Mobile tracker helps you to continue your monitoring on the target even after the change of Sim card.
  • This amazing feature of the Android mobile app works independently and informs you via sim change notification about the change of Sim.
  • This feature allows the user to continue it’s monitoring on the phone and helps you to keep a track on new sim number, calls, texts, emails, and contacts on the new Sim card.
  • An additional advantage is in the situation when your phone has been stolen, and you have important documents in your device. This feature helps you to detect the whereabouts of the thief.
  • The best part of this feature is that the owner of the targeted device doesn’t even get the idea of being monitored while you can make your best efforts and track the lost mobile.
  • No any visual activity of the feature of the BlurSPY phone app causes the owner of the target device to be suspicious about being monitored.

Due to all these characteristics of this new feature BlurSPY cell phone spy app is fantastic for monitoring and helps you to get your job done efficiently.

Why Need Sim Change Notification?

Parents are always worried about the activities of their kids on smartphones. And employers are never relieved until they feel completely secure in terms of their employees’ works and performance. BlurSPY mobile tracking app is a single all in all platform providing best ever services to its customers. Sim change notification feature lets the parents and employers watch their ward’s activities even if they use different sim cards for goods and bads. They can quickly detect the calls, messages, and emails with the Sim change notification. Whenever they change their Sim card for some erroneous use, you immediately get a notification of Sim card change and you will get that new number on your screen.

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