Skype Screen Recorder

Skype Screen recorderWhen we hear the word video calling, the app that emerges instantly in our mind is Skype. Not only it has a massive number of users worldwide, but its compatibility with all operating systems also make it even more popular. Most of the remote business meetings are conducted through Skype, which indicates that this is an essential communication app in the corporate world. Employers must be conscious about whom their subordinates are contacting and sharing valuable information with. BlurSPY Skype screen recording feature is one of its kind. It records all the audio and video calls going on in your target device and sends it to you all compiled in one file. This feature can remove a huge burden from your head if you are raising a teenager child. Here are some BlurSPY features you can avail through Skype screen recording:

  • All audio and video calls
  • The contact lists and their details
  • Shared Multimedia files or documents
  • Activity log and history
  • Text and audio messages
  • Conference calls and online meetings

In a nutshell, this unusual feature gives you a full authority to navigate your target’s Skype id and get details of whatever thing is bothering you. Be it a small emoji or shared video files, BlurSPY screen recording feature does not compromise on its tracking capabilities. Business sector is full of competitors and those who want to pull you down. To protect your business’s integrity and maintain its development requires a complete security system both online and offline. BlurSPY tracking app has eased this process by giving you access to your employee/child’s all social media accounts. This feature will make sure that your younger one is not talking to someone inappropriate and his safety is intact. Leave behind all the worries of office or home and rely your trust on this amazing Skype screen recording feature now!

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