Save Screenshot – Save Pieces Of Evidence

Spy screenshotsDo you know what your employee is doing on his phone currently? Why don’t? Because you may not be having BlurSPY mobile spy app. It’s easiest to get a screenshot of your employee’s or child’s device, using BlurSPY spying app. Screenshots can also prove to be significant evidence against an offense. Be it rectification or current activity update, screenshots have always played a pivotal role.

Screenshot capturing being one of the unique features of BlurSPY allows the user to not only capture screen but also keeps them safe on its online server. So, no need to burden your phone with excessive media and images. Using screenshots capturing feature is as easy as doing it on your own device. Straightforward requirements are;

  • Get a Premier account of BlurSPY cell phone tracking software.
  • To have a smoother experience a high-speed internet connection is recommended, which is generally available in every home and office.
  • Install the BlurSPY app on the smartphone of your target.
  • There’s no limit to the number of screenshots. Take as many as you want.
  • A screenshot every 15 to 60 seconds with continuous screenshot capture. Set the interval as per your need.
  • The high-speed server enables the user to access these screenshots anywhere and anytime. You may use the Online web base DashBoard or any mobile device with this Admin app.

Why is Screenshot Capturing Feature?

You have accessed your child’s or employee’s call logs, media gallery, call recordings, messages, contact list, etc. but still you don’t know what is he/she doing right now? What is currently displayed on the screen of your child’s cell phone? To cater for this open loop, BlurSPY phone snooping app has introduced this fantastic feature. You can get screenshots randomly or continuously.

You might have assigned some tasks to your employees containing highly confidential data. You can’t do all the work yourself. Definitely, you have to place your trust in someone. However, sensitive information always remains vulnerable to threats. Once your information has been leaked, there’s nothing that you can do to your employee except firing or punishing. The BlurSPY team took your dire need seriously and introduced this feature.

Be it stored data or current activity, by your employee or child, you always remain safe and responsible only through the BlurSPY best phone monitoring app.

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