BlurSPY Stealth Mode - Spy Without Consuming Space and Power!

Along with many other exceptional snooping features, BlurSPY introduces stealth mode which makes a foolproof plan to spy on your target Android. If you get a chance to operate that device for a minute or two, this spying app can be installed and app icon will automatically be hidden through stealth mode. It will work quietly and precisely. BlurSPY phone spying app has developed this feature purely for monitoring purposes for both your children and your employees. By this small app in your target person’s device, you can always remain aware of where that person is or what is he doing.

Special Features of BlurSPY Stealth Mode!!

The stealth mode is a unique feature which keeps working without getting caught or leaving behind any trace. It’s salient features are:

  • No extra battery or space consumption
  • It does not require device rebooting
  • Just install and it is all ready to be used
  • Didn’t require for Rooting any target device
  • The data is safe even after being deleted
  • Stealth mode leaves no point of suspicion behind

How can BlurSPY be useful for you?

Parenting is a difficult and full-time job where you always have to be on your feet to assure the security of your children. In this digital world, numerous traps allure the children into things which they should not be doing, in this situation it becomes more difficult to keep an eye on them. Along with your children being monitored through BlurSPY tracker app, if you are running a business and have some associates working with you, you can keep a check on them with stealth mode of this spying app. If you have assigned one of your employees an outdoor task and want to know that where is he spending his time, stealth mode location tracking app will give you the exact details about where that specific person is. Not only location but their message history can also be scrutinized finding out what feeling do they have about you or their workplace. This will eventually help the employer to improve the workplace atmosphere or to sort out the employees which he does not find suitable for the company. From children’s location to their online activities and from the employee’s doing to their perceptions about you, all this without being caught or creating any suspicion in their minds. All can be attained with BlurSPY stealth mode.

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100% Secure Stealth Mode

100% Secure Invisible Mode

BlurSPY is a fully invisible and undetectable app. Your target person couldn’t let the app deleted or detect. After installing app will be hidden automatically on target Phone

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