Being a parent or an employer, you have needs other than just listening to the conversation of phone calls. There are meetings and discussions in person which cannot be ignored. To serve this very need “Surround Recorder” has been introduced. It can give you access to the microphone of the target device and record a surround voice for you. You can also send more than one spy bugs for surround recordings.

How to Use This Feature?

Surround recorder | Mobile spy app

To keep track of off-call suspicious conversation of your target, BlurSPY Surround recorder is helpful. You can also keep a record of important recordings without letting them know about your monitoring

BlurSPY app is available in a pair of two. One is a bug for target and other is the control panel. Install bug in target and respectively. After creating an account in BlurSPY control Panel, you will receive an activation key which you will use in target devices after installing BlurSPY. And here you go!

You can find Surround Recorder in the menu at the top left of the BlurSPY admin interface. The app will ask you for recording period. You can record up to 1-10 min audio depending on your need. Mic logs can also be viewed on your app screen. Here you will find a complete record of your previous recordings. Mic bugging duration, file sizes and time statistics of previous files will also be displayed. You can download your files whenever you wish to.

After sending a bug, monitoring of its status is essential. There is a status tab on bug recorder screen. Here confirmation of success or failure of planting a bug in target’s device is shown.

Why BlurSPY Surround Recorder used?

Your children may not tell you everything happening to them in your absence. Also, for your employees, there’s a high chance of them getting distracted for some handsome amount. BlurSPY real-time listening wards off this tension from your head and allow you to peek in the conversations and situations secretly.

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