Tinder Screen Recorder

This generation finds love by swiping right or left; this slang clearly points out towards Tinder, the biggest dating app ever made. If you are a worried parent, you must be aware if your child is dating someone or is intended to do so. Getting complete know-how of their Tinder account can free you from worries about them getting trapped into frauds or scams. BlurSPY Tinder screen recording feature can do wonders in this regard. This feature records all conversations your child has made and all the people he has made a match with. You will have to permit the Tinder screen recording feature in his phone, and his Tinder activity will be available to you within no time. If you permit Tinder screen recording, there is no chance that you will ever miss any of his dating preferences and activities. For example, using this feature will provide you:

  • All right and left swipes
  • The matches he/she ever made
  • Call and text histories
  • His complete Tinder profile
  • Activity log and time spent on Tinder

Advanced internet technologies are emerging into the biggest addiction of teenagers. Dating and finding new people is one significant aspect of this virtual world. If you want to prevent your children from getting trapped, you must know which kind of people they are talking to. Be smart and get a hold onto their desire for hookups. Under 18 people should not be involved in love affairs and dating others. Still, when they get exposure to the outer world, you never know who will attract them. BlurSPY hidden screen recorder for dating apps give to you complete insight into their current affairs and activities. All screen activity will be sent to your admin control panel in video form, and you can detect their preferences easily. Recording of their keyboard activity will indicate their typing habits and the time they spend on Tinder!

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