Secretly Track all Multimedia Mp3 Files

Your employees may be secretly recording the meetings and using them for illegitimate purposes. The business world is full of sharks who are always ready to prey on smaller businesses. If you are running a relatively new business and want to protect it entirely, you will have to take steps to secure the sounds too. BlurSPY mp3 tracker keeps an eye on all the audio file that your target person cell phone contains.

  • It will not drain the target device’s battery or storage space.
  • It is entirely stealth, leaves no glitches behind.
  • The recordings made are of good quality and they will not consume any extra space of your BlurSPY control panel.

Voice recordings

As we know, verbal conversations hold a large number of essential strategies which a person applies in running his business. Your employee might be secretly recording his and your conversation to forward it your enemy for his own benefits. Or your child might be sharing secret files with his friends which he does not want to disclose. Whatever the case is if you are spying on someone every aspect must be covered. BlurSPY makes sure that your tracking is as convenient as it could be.

Mp3 archives

Songs and stories in audio form are important means of entertainment for youth, but simultaneously they can be risky if the content in them is illegitimate or banned. Even terrorists and extremists spread their content in an audio form which can brainwash your kid, and it can be detrimental for his future. Keeping an eye on multimedia files is not sufficient, also check what they are listening to. As Mp3 is the best portable format for voice files, BlurSPY emphasizes quality.

This remarkable feature ensures an overall stealth tracking of a device without leaving any glitches behind. Firm conviction in BlurSPY will fade your worries related to office and home. This feature records songs, phone calls, video calls, and voice recordings. In a nutshell along with other great features, this mp3 tracking feature works in harmony.

  • It can be controlled remotely, i.e. even if you are out of town your BlurSPY account will always be updated about the mp3 files being received or sent by your target device. Keep calm and have faith in BlurSPY because it will never disappoint you.