Tumblr Screen Recorder

Tumblr is the most popular microblogging platform which has gained remarkable access globally. Almost 341 million users post the things they are interested in on their Tumblr blog and follow other bloggers too. However, due to Tumblr’s privacy features you cannot see their activities if they have not allowed it. This can be troublesome if you are doubtful about your employee/child. If you want to be aware of what they post in their blog, BlurSPY Tumblr screen recording feature is there for helping you out. By activating this screen recording feature, you can always keep a check on what are their favored blogs and whom do they follow.

Tumblr Screen recoderOnce you get physical access to your target device, install BlurSPY phone spy app in it. Always remember your username and passwords to get convenient access to your control panel. Login to your BlurSPY account and turn on Tumblr screen recording. And you are good to go! Allowing this screen recording feature provides you access to following features:

  • Media files, i.e. audio, videos and text files
  • The blogs they follow
  • Followers
  • Shared URLs
  • Activity log

BlurSPY Tumblr screen recording feature will prove to be an excellent tool for you if you are curious about your target’s activities and preferences. Your employee might be secretly posting a fellow colleague’s work under his own name to gain monetary benefits and popularity.

Similarly, teenagers always tend to share their favored quotes and pictures on their Tumblr blog. When you spy, spy it to the fullest! This is the main aim of BlurSPY to provide you reliable access to your target’s all social media accounts. Instant messaging through Tumblr can prove to be detrimental for naïve minds when they get in contact with unknown people. Sexual predators and scammers always wait for an opportunity to grab teenagers due to their naivetés. Build a robust defense mechanism to protect your family/business and make a sagacious choice by selecting BlurSPY phone snooping app!

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