Video Spying – Sneak in the Gallery

Audio calls and sounds are not everything to know about your child’s or employee’s activities. Definitely, you don’t want them to keep potentially harmful or explicit content in their phone’s gallery. But how can you turn your wish into reality? Don’t worry! BlurSPY knew you will need it. The BlurSPY gives you full access to the media saved in your target’s device. Be it videos on Android, or blackberry, none can hide them perfectly. Through BlurSPY video logging feature you can:

  • Download videos of the targeted device from the BlurSPY control panel.
  • Get complete information about the video including time, date and duration.
  • See deleted videos without a loss of a single bit of information.
  • BlurSPY has a reliable and user-friendly specially designed to keep your data safe.

Need of Video Logging in Today's World

The virtual world of internet is full of threats. No doubt about its usefulness which is uplifting its use globally but the collateral damage it is causing is priceless. For parents worry about their child’s grooming is natural. However, for a human being natural is the attraction towards explicit contents. As your chilTrack videos | spy software for videosdren step into teenage they actually step into a whole new world. They may start collecting unwanted videos in their phone’s gallery. BlurSPY catches them from the root and gives you an opportunity to nip the evil in the bud.

Useful for Employers

Why should your employee waste time watching movies and other stuff in the time he is being paid to complete your assigned tasks. However, this is seemingly easy but practically treacherous to detect and prevent.  This is where Remote video logging feature of BlurSPY monitoring app for android hops in. An office is a place to work only. You will find BlurSPY your best friend in keeping command and control over areas of your jurisdiction.

Be it the safety of your child or reputation of your company, BlurSPY will never let you down. Awesome features with easy access, easy use, and specially designed high-speed server make BlurSPY one of the leading best spy app in the e-market.

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