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The BlurSPY mobile monitoring app is so impressive, and provides its users all kind of monitoring and tracking features which are undeniably useful if you want to keep track of your loved one’s children. Laterally with many other features offered by the BlurSPY android spy app, the checking of the Installed Application List is yet another essential feature. Who is this feature useful for? How is this spying feature useful in keeping an eye on the targeted person? Most of the mobile spying features of the BlurSPY mobile tracking app are designed for parents or employers so that they can satisfy their concern of safety regarding their kids and employees.

This feature allows its users to know which application has been downloaded and installed on the targeted device of employees or kids. Every time all the apps are not suited to personages, and sometimes they can prove to be very lethal for the phone and any other type of data stored on the hard drive. With this new feature BlurSPY, mobile app user will be able to screen new apps which are downloaded or installed on the user’s targeted device. These apps may be some games, social media apps or any other type of unwanted or malicious apps which are available to download on the internet.

How can someone install this feature?

You may come across an app which is installed on your kid’s device and you understand it quite well that this app is not suitable for them to use. Installed Application List feature enables you to monitor all the apps in your tracked device. How is it possible for any parent to get their hands on these types of installed apps? Are you worried about your kids because of their overuse of cell phone? The solution to all your these problems is this feature of the BlurSPY app.

At the very first, you can do all these through your control panel. By installing the BlurSPY mobile app, you can get your control where you can easily view the list of applications. All the apps present in the world of the internet are not safe and harmless. Most of them have a terrific risk to your mobile device. With this feature, you can gain easy access to all these malicious apps installed in your child’s or employee’s devices and you can take appropriate actions well in time.

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