Weekly GPS History Tracker – No More Worries

Not only live GPS location, but also one-week history! Yes, this awesome feature is also a part and parcel of this marvelous BlurSPY GPS history tracker. To get your hands on the history of the entire week you need to install this app. Now just sit back and relax. You are not going to miss the tracks of employees and your teens, even if you are enjoying your personal time.

BlurSPY enables you to locate your target in back dates, i.e. up to one week. Do you need technical information? Not at all a problem. You can get exact latitude and longitude coordinates. BlurSPY phone location history can provide you with the location details as per date and time. BlurSPY always keeps your data safe at an online secure server. Making you independent of your android device. Just login to this fantastic app from any cell phone or through the web-based control panel.


In a nutshell, weekly location history can be summarized as:

  • Help to view their location history
  • Search their location at a particular time
  • Instant access to this information
  • Get exact coordinates of your person at a given time

Why Weekly GPS Tracking Feature Used?

Being worried about your children’s whereabouts is natural for parents. Doubts concerning their activities usually arise. Along with all the worries, daily life commitments cannot be ignored. And at times you are not available to monitor their location. This is the time when you really need something which can record their location and let get acquainted afterward. In the case of employees, employers wish to keep the record of their history for analogous reasons. This is where your best BlurSPY phone history tracker dives in and sheds off all your tears through its awesome features.

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