WhatsApp Screen Recorder

From text messages to video calls, WhatsApp has become the largest communication app lately. To know a person thoroughly, one must understand that what type of conversations he makes with others. Either they are mysterious or serious, you can only know if you see the texts and listen to calls. This does not sound possible, right? Well, BlurSPY has made it possible through its WhatsApp screen recording feature. Selecting WhatsApp screen recording feature gives you unlimited access to their contacts and conversations conveniently.

How to use this feature?

BlurSPY WhatsApp screen recording feature does not demand any separate permission nor does it consume storage of target device. Quietly install BlurSPY in your target device and see the chats and hear calls directly on your dashboard. This feature records:

  • Audio and video calls
  • Contact lists
  • Text messages
  • Voice notes
  • Shared and received files
  • Status and uploaded stories

Employers have a tough life because with big offices comes great responsibilities. To lead a team and maintain the confidential data can become chaotic to be managed at a time.

Similarly, raising children is a full-time job and responsibility which includes both protecting them and providing moral training of rights and wrongs. All these errands drain a lot of energy and still might not be contented. To avoid any hitch in your duties, BlurSPY has brought some fully fledged features for you. WhatsApp screen recording is the most important of them since most communication is done through WhatsApp. This fantastic feature records target’s WhatsApp screen and provides it to you in the form of a video file. You can decide if you want to see the recorded data on a daily basis or monthly. It’s entirely up to you because BlurSPY WhatsApp monitoring has a very concise motive to facilitate the users in every possible way!

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