Track WhatsApp Messages, Chats and Calls with BlurSPY App

WhatsApp has remained quite a popular instant messaging service for the users. Facebook acquired WhatsApp after they realized it is going to change the way people communicate and talk using the internet. No other app is so fast, efficient and user-friendly than WhatsApp when it comes to messaging, making audio and video calls using the internet.

These factors have contributed to the popularity of WhatsApp and made it the World’s Number One messaging app service. There are over one billion people who use WhatsApp every single day for different purposes. It has grown the users over the years. WhatsApp also continued to improve the services and introduced new features like Status, Video Calls and now Lock Feature for iPhone.

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But WhatsApp can also be used for vicious activities. Teens are using WhatsApp very actively to talk to their friends, peers, and even partners they got into contact through dating sites. The video calling features makes it pretty easy for the children to talk to anyone on video using WhatsApp. This is a great concern for the parents as kids are talking to strangers, sexting through WhatsApp, sharing private and intimate photos as well.

WhatsApp Voice Notes

The most trusted communication app is WhatsApp currently, and if you want to know someone comprehensively you must check his/her WhatsApp. People attempt to protect their WhatsApp conversation by locking the app or by deleting the chats. But BlurSPY WhatsApp spy feature has achieved great efficiency in its preciseness. As there are three types of WhatsApp communication BlurSPY is efficient in spying on all of them. Here are some important services available for you:

Voice notes

Voice notes are of prodigious importance because if you doubt that your employee may be sharing some important information with other people, he must not be texting only. He can send a recording of your confidential meeting to your contender or your child may be threatened by someone via voice notes. These situations can be harmful and if you are a concerned authority you must peep through WhatsApp completely. WhatsApp spy feature records all the voice messages which your target is receiving or sending. BlurSPY uploads all the recorded voice messages to your control panel conveniently.

Multimedia files

Most of the content is shared through WhatsApp be it images, videos or voice recordings.  After you select this spying feature nothing will remain a secret. You can easily catch the blackmailer if he is harassing your child due to pictures. Likewise, you can catch the rotten egg from your employees who have been leaking your office’s confidential data.

Spy on WhatsApp with Keylogger

Another way to spy on WhatsApp, the chat, as well as conversations on any android device, is to use the Keylogger feature of BlurSPY chat spying. The Keylogger feature helps you detect the keystrokes on the keyboard of the target android device. This feature is pretty amazing to find out the text, message or chat done on WhatsApp messenger. Here is how you can spy on WhatsApp with Keylogger:

  • After installing the app, be sure the target device is connected to the internet.
  • Log in to your account with the credentials.
  • Open the dashboard.
  • Find the Keylogger feature.
  • Activate the feature and it will begin to work.
  • The Keylogger will detect all keystrokes on the keyboard.
  • The keystrokes are converted into words and sentences for a clear message.
  • Parents can find out what their kids are talking about on their WhatsApp.

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