Giving Teenagers More Freedom is Good for Mental Health

Giving Teenagers More Freedom is Good for Mental Health

Nowadays, parents are told to be very strict with their kids and not let them have freedom. However, a recent study has found out that teens who are given more freedom are happier than those who live with strict parents. This is a good sign for the mental health and overall well-being of the kids.

More control for teens means greater happiness

There are two groups of parents with opposite ideas. One believes controlling teens is very good and helps them grow better kids. Whereas the other one believes parents should perform their basic duties of controlling kids but freedom is more important for the kids. The second group seems to be at the good side as the latest study has proved it too.

In the past teens were controlled to great content. Parents had complete control over their children because it was the norm and tradition of the culture. However, it is not the case anymore. Time has changed a lot. There are new things that kids and teens experience as compared to the past. So they need more freedom and less control. This ensures great happiness in kids and teens.

Cheer madly for your kids and teens

The study has suggested a number of guidelines for the parents and wants more space for teens. It also highlighted the importance of being supportive of the kids and let them enjoy their life. Parents who take great care of the kids and cheer for them have better teens. Such teens are healthier, happier and do better in lives.

Encourage kids for building skills

It has been seen that many parents don’t let their kids and teens have freedom. These parents have serious rules at home which bound the kids to have no other options. Such kids become less confident and lose charm in their life. They have full lives. This study doesn’t recommend these things anymore.

It believes that parents should encourage kids for better skills. Teens should be allowed to expose themselves to the things they want to enjoy in life. If the kids are allowed to develop better skills, they start doing better in life. They become more responsible, more confident and caring.

Debating Freedom Vs Monitoring

From the discussion, it becomes clear that kids experience two sorts of care. On one side, many parents believe they should complete control over their children. Such parents are worried about the kids because they can indulge in wrong activities. The other group of parents has the opinion that they should let kids enjoy their life according to their wishes with little control over them.

When we debate the two ideas, we find support for the second one. First one is absolutely wrong and destroys the life of teens and kids. Parents should be open with their kids, talk to them, become their role models and let them have freedom. This is good for the health of the children. They become happier and enjoy their life in better ways.

But It Doesn’t Mean Absolute Freedom for Teens

The idea of freedom for kids is greater. But it doesn’t mean the teens and kids have absolute freedom. They need parenting and guidance in life to do better. Without parental care and love, kids may indulge in activities which are not good for them.

So what should parents do?

Parents need to worry about this. The digital age demands better parenting in order to guide the kids in better manners. As the use of the internet, smartphones and social media have increased among the kids, parents should be careful and keep eyes on their kids.

Parents should start using parenting control tools

In order to grow better kids and train them better in life, parents should do monitoring of their kids. This means the internet and smartphone use of teens should be tracked. For this, BlurSPY is the best and perfect option. With this app, parents can monitor kids in better ways.

BlurSPY offers a wide range of features like social media monitoring, screen recording feature, location tracking, and others. With these features, parents can have better control over the kids. Parents will know what their kids do on their smartphones. This will also develop healthy tech habits among the kids.


Parents should let kids enjoy their life as it ensures more freedom for the kids. But absolute freedom is not the ideal option. Parents should do monitoring of their kids for better care, to develop healthy tech habits and protect the kids.

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