How to Hack Android Phone Lock Screen Pin, Pattern and Password?

In this age of technology, where you carry more than one device in your pocket for a different purpose, keeping track of your mobile phone passwords can indeed be a tricky move. Not only this, we tend to use so many social networking websites that often even after routinely accessing our mobile phones we end up forgetting our pin or passwords.

Nowadays, smartphones been introduced in the digital market bring a lot of new and strict security features that have overtaken the need for setting up either a pin, password or pattern. These new security features include facial recognition, voice/audio recollection, and fingerprint scanner. But everything has to own a backup in case if our devices fall in the hands of an unsafe personage, so even these new introductory features involve setting up a backup pin or password contingent upon the fact that if anyone else tries to get hold of your mobile phone.

Our mobile phones contain all of our important details, notes, reminders, smiley selfies so not being able to access it is something that we cannot imagine, not even in our dreams. You cannot miss a day ever without not using your mobile phones because it has now become a part of our lifestyle, routine work. In the same manner, failing to remember credentials to unlock your mobile phone is not less than a nightmare for us. Unlocking your mobile devices after you have forgotten your credentials is entirely a sublime feeling. Getting a way back to unlock your mobile phones seems a hectic duty but thanks to technological advancements now there are several ways in which you can hack, bypass lock screen pin/patterns/passwords if you ever tend to forget your credentials.

Ways to Hack Android Lock Screen Pin/Pattern/Password:

In this ultimate guide, we are going to discuss the crucial 6 steps that you can take care of at times if you ever fail to recall or remember an android lock screen pin/password/pattern to unlock your mobile phones. Just follow these angelic 6 steps and shove a hand to all of your concerns and worries regarding not being able to unlock your lock screen after forgetting pin/password/patterns of respective mobile phones.

1. Google’s “Find My Device” Website

The foremost way to unlock your mobile phone lock screen safely is to use the built-in feature “find my device”. This feature is the best bet for most of the people who end up forgetting their very own lock screen pin/password/pattern. So until and unless you were logged in with your Google account on that respective mobile phone, you can easily access the website through any computer or device. Only under the condition of your mobile’s android software is not upgraded to 8.0 version, the trick should work perfectly for any other android device running under 7.1.1 Nougat or lower. Simply follow the procedures listen below and shoo away your tears asap:

  • Access the google “find my device” website
  • As much as it seems ironic, you need to click on the lock button when the website detects your android device
  • once your android device has been detected and the lock button has been enabled, the in-built software will ask you to enter a new password overwriting the previous pin/password/pattern.
  • Retype the password to authenticate the proceedings.
  • Once again, click on the lock button.
  • This process may take a while, but after some time you would completely be able to unlock your android lock screen using the new entered pin, password, pattern.

2. Using “Find My Mobile” Samsung Service (Only For Samsung Users)

Samsung users now don’t need to feel hustled bustled regarding using any other platform or third-party apps to crack away into unlocking their lock screen pin/password/pattern. Now simply by using this in-built feature “find my mobile” available in every Samsung mobile phone, you can comfortably unlock your locked android devices. You just need to follow a certain procedure:

  • Log in to your Samsung account using your personal computer and navigate to the website “find my mobile”.
  • On the left side of the screen, you will be able to locate the “Lock my screen” button. Just click on that button.
  • After entering a new pin/password, click on the lock button again. After a while, try to unlock your android device with the new password which should work perfectly, Voila!

Note: This trick will only work if you were logged in to your Samsung account via your mobile phone.

3. Delete Password File/Folder Using ADB:

Well, this method includes a few techie minds since it includes hacking skills and all. But it can prove informative and entertaining by making you unable to do something different and new. Used for managing the android apps by coding and systemizing in android studio, android debug bridge (ADB) is an instinctive command line structuring android developer. However, to follow the procedure, your android device should have left the USB debugging option on an enabled or activated mode before losing your credentials permanently. Follow the procedure to get access to your locked screen pin/password/pattern

  • Foremostly, install android studio on any of your devices
  • Connect your device via a data cable.
  • In the ADB folder, steer to the promptly named command
  • Simply input the following keyword “ADB shell rm /data/system/gesture.key” and press enter.
  • Now you would be easily able to unlock and use your beloved mobile phones.

4. For Hacking, Bypassing Android Lock Screen Pin/Password/Pattern, Use the Zip File

This method was invented by a member of XDA piraterex. For it to work accordingly, it is better if your device is in rooted condition. Just follow the instructions stated below:

  • Install the SD card, using your personal computer and download pattern password disable zip on it.
  • Install the very same SD card on your android device.
  • Set it into recovery mode
  • Flash out the zip
  • Reset, reboot and voila get hold of your precious mobile phones once again.

5. Using Safe Mode To Get Through a Third-Party Application Lock Screen

There are many people present on this globe who do not rely on the in-built security features to lock their mobile devices. Instead, they opt for third party applications to lock their android devices. There are a certain bunch of people who are extremely hooked to their mobile phones, so to put a stop to it, they have set up different pin/password/pattern for different applications. So if you one of them, simply switch your mobile into safe mode and from there change your pin/password/pattern by following the instruction stated below:

  • Press and hold up the power button on your mobile phones
  • Once the screen pops up the option to either restart or switches off the phone, long-press the switch off button.
  • Now the device will pop up a notification about you want to set our mobile phone into safe mode. Press “O” and in this manner, your device will boot into safe mode, overpassing the third-party applications you will now be able to access your mobile phones again.

6. Use The Option “Forgot Pattern”

If your android device is running on Android 4.4 or lower, then only would you be able to utilize this method. To use the feature, follow the instruction given:

  • Just enter random patterns on your device until your device shows up a notification forgot pattern on your screen.
  • Simply press unlock using google account details/credentials.
  • From there unlock your device using google credentials
  • Once the process gets completed, Google will send you notifications regarding setting up a unique pin for your respective device.

7. Use BlurSPY

This method is the most famous and easily accessible out of them all. By using spy software for android phones, you can wave goodbye to the concern of ever forgetting designed pin/password/pattern for your android devices. Now you must be wondering how to get hold of such android monitoring software? We’ll bring you a solution to fix this problem. By signing up for BlurSPY application: an android spyware app, you can now easily get to hack or bypass android lock screen pin/password/pattern through their live screen recording and remotely capture screenshot. This ultimate android spy lets you avail series of different and exciting features through which you can seek help to an overpass or bypass your lock screen pin/password/pattern once you have locked it permanently or forgotten it somehow. BlurSPY spyware app offers you to incognito-ly record screens of mobile phones of whoever person you want. This feature proves to be a win-win solution to the problem. By enabling the spyware on android, you can record live screens to track the whereabout using any sort of device whether it be mobile phone, a PC or a tablet, simply you need to login to BlurSPY android phone monitoring software and utilize the screen recording feature to hack and bypass the lock screen pin/password/pattern on your dearest android devices. Using spy gear for android cell phones is the most convenient method to hack the code so don’t waste any more of your time worrying over the matter of hacking or bypassing your lock screen.

In the above-mentioned methods, you will surely be able to hack, bypass your Android lock screen pin/password/pattern and Also you can use BlurSPY live screen recording and Remotely capture Screenshot of Lock Screen Pin/Pattern/Password to sneak into their android phones.

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