How to Hack Facebook Private Messages Without Them Knowing it?

There is no doubt that Facebook is the leading and most popular social media platform. All others follow it because it was the first one that helped people connects with each other when it was launched in 2004. It has been 15 years to the creation of Facebook and it has come a long way since then. Over the years, Facebook has become more popular.

Facebook team has helped really hard to keep it on top, engaging for the users as well as popular. Facebook makes money from commercials and advertisements. It also allowed publishers to share content, drive traffic to their websites and make money. But that led to the creation of fake news, the most challenging task for the world at the moment.

Facebook is really engaging and addictive

This is a registered fact that Facebook is extremely addictive. At the moment, more than 50% of people around the world use Facebook. Most of them spend more than two hours a day on the platform doing different things and stuff. It is also predicted; Facebook will continue to rule over the world of social media and will take the leading spot.

How Facebook is Ruining the Teens?

There is a continuous debate over the safety and security of Facebook. At the moment, there are two groups of people with opposite views. The one group believes Facebook and even social media have helped people connect with each other. The instant messaging services like WhatsApp and others have facilitated millions of people in easy and better communication.

The other group believes all this is right but we should not ignore the dark side of social media and particularly Facebook. Today, most of the kids have smartphones and Facebook accounts. Facebook is more popular among kids and teens as compared to young and adult people. The group believes we need to highlight the negative impact of social sites including Facebook.

So let’s talk about the possible risks and dangers of social sites and Facebook and how they are ruining our teens and kids.

Security Issues Can Never Be Ignored

The recent development and stories about how Facebook misused the user data make us believe the second group is just right about what they believe and propagate. It was learned that Facebook has been selling user data to other companies. Even it allowed many tech companies to access the users’ private messages and chats. In other words, it was a kind of Facebook spying.

Effect of Facebook Addiction on Teens is Harmful

The second important thing we need to think about is how addictive Facebook is for young kids and teens. Many parents have reported their children are a Facebook addict and spend a lot of their time using their phones and social sites. Parents should know how to keep eyes on the social media use of teens. But the sad part is they are ignoring such things. Even they don’t offer assistant to the kids in this regard.

Cyberbullying is On the Rise

Another by-product of social media use is cyberbullying. More than 52% of American teens admitted they were bullied on social sites and particularly Facebook. The parents are raising voice against it, governments are making new laws, private companies are introducing tools to handle but it has become uncontrollable for the tech companies. Many kids committed suicide when they were bullied online. The effects of cyberbullying are way too dangerous.

Hacking Facebook Messages without Knowing

Now coming to the question, just think for a moment that is possible. You may not believe what we are going to discuss but that is real. There are no options to hack Facebook messenger or any social media app or website. That is because these sites are owned by the top tech companies and they are doing their best to ensure the best security.

Using BlurSPY App

However, BlurSPY can do it. Yes, you read that right. This is a monitoring and spy app that can hack any social media platform. You will be stunned to learn how it works. But the method is quite simple and we are going to guide you about the complete process.

The complete method and steps to hack Facebook messages are given below.

Download the App

You will need to download this app to start using it. First, get a plan or the trial of the app and you will be given a download link. Make sure you have the target phone in your hand. Open the browser and follow the link sent to you. The link will have a file that will be downloaded as you allow it.

Install the App

When you are done with downloading, you can install it. For this, follow the screen instructions and the app will start to install. It will hardly take 2-3 minutes to complete the installation. Once it has been installed, you will find out. The great thing is the app doesn’t leave an icon on the phone.

Go to Account

You will also be given an account that you can manage for features, files, data, and other stuff. Use the credentials to log in to your account. As you will open it. It will show a dashboard. It has a lot of options and features that you can see. It should be noted that there are two options to hack Facebook messages. First one is to use the Facebook screen recorder and the other is to use keylogging feature.

Starting Spying on Facebook Messages

Now you can use any of the two features to hack Facebook messages. You have the option either to use both the options and any one of these. Screen recording feature will show you the screen of the messages whereas keylogging feature helps you detect the words and sentences used in Facebook messages.


Hacking Facebook messages become pretty easy with BlurSPY app. The Android spy offers two options to spy on Facebook messages; either use the screen recorder or try keylogging feature. But the result is the same and you will successfully hack Facebook messages.

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