hacking a facebook account in One Click

Hacking A Facebook Account in One Click

There are a lot of people out there who keep sharing tricks and tips regarding Facebook hacking. We have been following those and learned one thing, none of them works. All those hacks re useless and will waste your time and resources. But you should think is it even possible to hack a Facebook account. Our answer is yes but the method is different and it works genuinely.

Hacking a Facebook Account

You need nothing to hack a Facebook account. Rather, you need BlurSPY app. This is a very powerful spy app that can hack any social media app and account including Facebook. With this app, you can do a lot of amazing things. But there is a question of why you will need to hack a Facebook account. People have different targets. So for this reason, they want to hack Facebook chats.

Anyone can use this feature of BlurSPY app. Parents want to track the phones and social media use of their teens and kids. Companies want to protect their business data so they will need this feature as well. Start using this feature and make your life easier than ever.

It should be noted that this spy app works on all devices. But you should check compatibility of the device. BlurSPY Android spy works on all the new Android operating systems and phones. You should make sure that you have the latest version of the OS. Otherwise, there can be some issues. Steps to using this app and hacking a Facebook account are listed below.

        Step One

The first step is to check the compatibility of the phone. Many parents want to use such apps on the phones and devices of their kids. So they should make sure the device is compatible with the app. You can check in the OS and then see if the app supports your device OS. When you are done with this and are sure that your device is compatible, you should move ahead.

        Step Two

The second step is to download and install the app on the target phone. But this is tricky. You will have to buy BlurSPY license. It can be done by making payment for a plan or package. As you will make the payment, you will be sent an email that will contain all the details. In an email, you will have the download link, guidelines, and details on how to install the app, use the features and user credentials.

        Step Three

The next step is to open the link given in the email. But this link should be opened on the target phone or device. If you want to install the app on the phone of your child, you should hold the phone for three to five minutes. Open the link through the web browser. Download the file. You will see instructions to install the app. Follow the steps correctly. It will be installed within five minutes.

        Step Four

So far you have installed the app on the target phone. The target phone is in your control now and you can do anything. The app will have no physical presence, icons or signs on the device. Rather, it works in the background. So you should not worry about the person for detecting the app. It will remain invisible. Now use the username and password to sign in to your BlurSPY account.

        Step Five

As you will sign in with your credentials, you will see the dashboard section in front of you. This part contains all the features, options and commands that you can use. There are many ways to hack a Facebook account. But using Facebook screen recorder is the best option for all users. Turn on the screen recorder. It will capture the screen of the device. You can move to Facebook app or website and see the newsfeed, messages, and chats of the target person.

That is all. You have successfully hacked a Facebook account.

Other Important Features of BlurSPY AppOther Important Features of BlurSPY App

We have talked about how you can hack Facebook accounts with BlurSPY app by using its features. The app also offers a number of other top features of cell phone spy. However, remember that this screen recorder feature is the most powerful one and can hack any other on the target device. The feature gives you complete control over the device. Other features are listed below.

GPS Location Tracker

With this feature, BlurSPY users can track the live locations of their target phones. The app allows users to see the live movement as well as a weekly history of locations.

Bug Mic and Camera

This new and innovative feature makes it possible for any user to hack the camera and mic of the target phone. You can make videos and listen to their voices.

Capture Surround Voices

If you doubt your child, you can listen to their voices when they are out and with someone. Just use this feature of BlurSPY app and it will hack the mic of your child’s phone.

Keylogger Feature

This is a cool and creative feature offered by BlurSPY app. The keylogger spies on the keyboard use. You can see what a person writes or talks about their messages.

Password Chaser

This feature is helpful for the users who want to hack the passwords and pattern locks on any phone. The app will allow you to hack their devices by knowing passwords and pattern locks.


Hacking a Facebook account can be easy if you use BlurSPY app. This app uses the screen recorder feature and hacks facebook messenger password in one-click and in a very short time period of fewer than five minutes. It is instant and takes no time.

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