How to Turn on Android Microphone Remotely – Use BlurSPY Surround Recorder Feature

Have you ever wondered how you can turn on the microphone of anyone’s android phone remotely? For many people, this could be unbelievable. But this is possible and it is really easy. In this blog, we will guide the users how they can turn on the mic of any android phone remotely and listen to every call.

But there comes a question of why you should do so and listen to anyone’s phone calls or recordings. There are a number of reasons for this. However, it should be noted there are some legal issues with this. When you want to listen to anyone’s live calls remotely, you should have permission. Otherwise, there can be serious problems for you.

Why You Should Turn On Mic of Anyone’s Phone?

Nowadays, parents want to keep a check on their kids. They want to monitor children in different ways to know what they are doing on their phones, who they talk to and what goes on in their phone calls. Many kids become a victim of online predators and build unethical relationships with adults. This worries parents and they want to keep their kids safe.

Another reason could the spouse wants to know what their partner talks on calls. This usually happens when either of the partners doubts the other. Many people have weak relationships. They don’t believe in what their partners tell them so they want to keep eyes on their activities and phone calls. For this, they use apps and software to monitor child and hack into their devices.

Last but surely not the least reason can be an employer wants to know about the activities of his employees. Many staff members lie to the managers and even bosses and don’t appear on the workday. Employees come with lame excuses. But the bosses know they are not speaking the truth. So they want to catch them red-handed.

For all these reasons, people monitor the call activities of their target person’s phones. We are listing the steps below on how you can turn on the mic of any android phone and listen to the calls.

Steps to Turn On Mic on Any Android Phone

A number of monitoring apps are available nowadays. But BlurSPY Android Spy is one of the best ones because of its great features, user-friendly interface, and secret features. This app is really wonderful when it comes to parental control, checking phones of spouses and even for monitoring the employees.

BlurSPY android tracking software offers a feature called Turn on Mic on any Android Phone. With this feature, you can remotely listen to the calls of your target device. Here are the steps to follow for the process.

Install BlurSPY Android Spy App

The first thing to do is to install BlurSPY on two devices. The first from which you want to monitor and the other is your target device. You will have to physically access the target device to install the app. Once the app has been installed, you can activate mic from the other device then you can listen to their surround voices of a target device. Never forget to check compatibility before you install the app on both devices. We recommend having the latest version of Android on both phones.

Activate the Feature

You will have to possess the second device in hand to activate and listen to the calls. For this, go to the features of the app you installed on your device or phone. There will be many options but you have to choose to turn on the mic on the target device. As you will activate the feature, it will start working. Any upcoming and outgoing call made on the target phone will be recorded.

Recorded Calls

The BlurSPY mobile spy app records and the audio calls on the device. Once the call has been recorded, the file is uploaded in the dashboard. Make sure the device from which you have access to the dashboard is connected to the internet. The file will synch and will be available for you. You can listen to the calls, share with anyone and keep records. There is also the option to delete recorded calls.


  • For this whole process, you will need two phones and a stable internet connection. If the target device is not connected to the internet, the app will not record the audio calls and you will not be able to listen. So make sure both devices are connected with the internet.
  • Secondly, the feature should be turned on timely. If the call has started and you didn’t turn on the feature, it will be difficult for you to record the ongoing or upcoming call. You can activate the feature for a certain time when you know there can be calls on the target device.
  • Lastly, it is important to understand the legal issues. As a parent, you can monitor your kids but for that, you will need their permission. Otherwise, this can lead to a serious problem if the kids know you monitored them. For partners, you will also need their permission. And so is the case when it comes to your staff and employees. This is the most important thing everyone should know before recording audio calls.

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