The spy apps offer a wide range of features to the users. Most of the features are used for monitoring and tracking purposes. One of these features is the keylogger. You may have heard about this feature. We will guide our users on what this feature really is, how it works, where you can use and what are the benefits of using a keylogger.

What is the Keylogger?

When you have to spy on a phone or device, various features are used. They have a different purpose. Like the screen, a recorder is used to capture the screen. Keylogger feature is used when you have to monitor the keystrokes typed on the keyboard of a device.

How Keylogger Feature Works - BlurSPY Android Spy App

Employers and parents use the BlurSPY app to track their children. With the keylogger feature, they can also track the number of apps and stuff on the target phones including text messages, chats, phone calls, social media use, email, password, and other things on a target phone. This feature actually tracks the use of a keyboard and monitors every word or letter typed through the keyboard of a device.

How to Use the Keylogger?

When it comes to how to use this feature, it is really easy. The feature works like any other command or option on the target phone. with a keylogger, the users will be able to monitor the target phones and devices. Whatever the target person types or writes, this feature will monitor it and show the results to the BlurSPY users.

Steps to use this feature are given below.

  • Install the BlurSPY app on the target phone.
  • Log in to your BlurSPY account using your credentials.
  • Now go to the control panel or dashboard section.
  • Locate the keylogger feature in the feature section.
  • Turn on the feature and it will start working.
  • Every message, text, or word typed on the keyboard will be shown to the users.

Benefits of Using Keylogger

The keylogger feature has a good number of uses for android users when they have to track any device. With this feature, every app on the target phone can be tracked.

Apps like the message, call, social media apps, emails, and others can be tracked. Parents can use this feature to track their children and so can the employers when they have to spy on the activities of their staff. Other users can also use it to monitor a target phone.

Email Keylogger

With the BlurSPY app, the users get a lot of exciting features. The keylogger is one among these which is used for the same purpose- spying on any target phone. with this feature, every single app on the target phone can be monitored and tracked. The users will have access to a very powerful option that helps them track the target phones.

BlurSPY Keylogger-for-android

The keylogger feature also monitor emails on a target phone. The use of the email keylogger is very helpful when the users want to track emails, monitor every coming and sent mail, and see what the target person is sharing. Employers will find this feature very helpful when they have to keep eye on the activities of their employees and improve business security.

How the Feature Works?

Using the email keylogger is really easy. Any user can use this app after downloading and installing the BlurSPY app on the target phone. The steps to use this feature are given below:

  • Download the BlurSPY app on the target phone.
  • Install the app after downloading the file.
  • As you are done with the installation, log in to the app.
  • You will need a username and password to sign in to the account.
  • Now go to the control panel and find the feature section.
  • Choose the keylogger or email keylogger feature.
  • Turn it on and it will start working.
  • You will get all the email and access to the content shared.
  • This is all you need to do to start using the email keylogger to spy on the target phones.

Why Use Email Keylogger?

Keylogger feature is very useful and considered an essential option to track the target phones and devices. BlurSPY provides users with a wide range of features. They all are necessary and can track the phones or devices in one way or the other. The keylogger feature is also one of these options.

It has the best use for business purposes. Nowadays, many employers want to track the phones as well as computers of their employees. This feature can be of great help in this regard to help them keep eye on the email activities of their staff and know what they have been doing.

Parents can also use the keylogger feature when they have to track the email and internet activities of their children. The feature will help parents know about the activities of their teens, protect them in a better way and ensure they are safe.

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