Ensure online and offline safety of your kid with BlurSPY kid tracker app feature!

Children are no longer bound to school and home only. They have a wide virtual world right in front of them in the shape of smart devices. This online world is emerging to be a significant threat to the surety of safety of a child who has just started exploring his surroundings. Beasts are not only in the real world, but they are also ready to attack the weak souls wherever possible. In these circumstances, it is crucial to take some necessary steps to safeguard kids. BlurSPY android spy app is a platform ready to solve your problems related to this mysterious realm. With its amazing features, parents are freed from their worries about their kids.

Some Amazing features of BlurSpy kids monitoring app !

Stop worrying about the strangers your child get in contact with because you will always see what they are doing. Leave them free to explore the world on their own, whether it is a music class or playground they will always get to know new people. Not all of them are trustworthy, but this does not mean that you should confine your children to just home and school. It is very effective in their growth to talk and hang out with new people. You just need to be conscious of their fluctuating interests and their new friends. This all can be done quickly if you trust BlurSPY. From recording their surrounding voices to keeping a record of what your kid has downloaded, nothing is hidden now. Because if they have got smart devices, you have got a smart all in one app which is BlurSPY best cell phone spy app.

Spy With BlurSPY Most Amazing Features!

Block Strangers Call

call block

You can block the number of your wish, by just accessing the BlurSPY, it let you choose which calls should be allowed and which shouldn’t be.

Surround Recorder

surround recorder

Turn on the microphone of the targeted device remotely and listen to the conversations while remaining completely stealth. Listen to surrounding sounds.

Gallery Videos

gallery images

Allow the user to view stored videos into the gallery. This tool is the best for parenting to protect teens and kids from self –obscenity.

View Text Messages

text message

View every sent, received and deleted text. Check the sender of each message. View the date and time of every SMS. you can track your employees/kids remotely by going through their messages with BlurSpy SMS tracking app.

Record Live Call

Call records

Remotely record and listen to all phone calls your kids or employees make and receive on their cell phones or tablets. You can easily know that what they talk about and what they are up to without accessing their phones.

Track Live GPS location

See your kid`s current whereabouts on the detailed map. Check their route history over a specific interval of time. View Live GPS location list details (coordinates, location time, address and accuracy) Check the location history via Our Online Admin Panel

Get WhatsApp notes & shared images

Records all the voice messages which your target is receiving or sending. Blurspy uploads all the recorded voice messages to your control panel conveniently.

Check Call history

Call logs

View the list of incoming and outgoing calls on your teen’s cell phone. Use BlurSpy to limit the interaction with people you disapprove. .Enabling you to know, whom your employees or Teens are talking with and who they have in their contact logs.

Sim Change Notification

sim change notification

BlurSPY keeps track of sim cards being used on your android device. You will be notified whenever there’s a change of sim. You simply got a quick alert notification through Feature in the app.

Camera Bug

camera bugBlurSpy camera bug app allows you to remotely monitor on the whereabouts and happenings of your target taking pictures of the surrounds. Sneaking around the target made easy.

Live Screen Recording

Live Screen RecordingRecord the screen of a cell phone running anything on it. You just have to set timings of 30 sec, 5 mins and 10 minutes. After setting the timing to send a command to a target phone gadget, once it is been received, it will start screen recording app function of a target cell phone device and upload on BlurSpy control panel.

Capture Screen Shots

Capture Screenshotsscreenshot every 15 to 60 seconds with continuous screenshot capture. Set the interval as per your need. There’s no limit to the number of screenshots. Take as many as you want.


You’ve got nothing to lose and only the truth to gain. So why not START TODAY?

Get New Experience with Social Media Screen Recorder!

Snapchat Screen Recorder

Snapchat screen recorder

Snapchat is a relatively newer yet interesting social networking app. People are getting attracted towards it to follow the ones of their interest and to share their life with others. It bears enough information about its user to get a conclusion of what he is doing or intend to do.

Instagram Screen Recorder

Instagram screen recorder

Like all other social networking apps, Instagram has also become a hub to know someone’s interests, likes and dislikes. To keep a check on your kid’s interests, Instagram screen recording is a great way. It can be recorded and saved to keep a record.

Whats App Screen Recorder

Whatsapp screen recorder

WhatsApp has become the most widely used communication app and holds a lot of secrets and information about the one who is using it. Recording WhatsApp can be of great use if you want to keep an eye on the contacts and priorities of your kid or an employee.

Tinder Screen Recorder

Tinder screen recorder

Tinder is mostly being used by young people to find their matches. If parents want to restrict their kids, they must know about what they are into. Screen recorder is very useful in this prospect.

Messenger Screen Recorder

Messenger screen recorder

Messenger has now become a distinct app and is being used independently of Facebook. Its screen can be recorded using BlurSPY tracking app. The user can see full activity and know about the people his child or employee is connecting.

Messenger Screen Recorder

fb screen recorder

Messenger has now become a distinct app and is being used independently of Facebook. Its screen can be recorded using BlurSPY tracking app. The user can see full activity and know about the people his child or employee is connecting.

Monitor Your Kids Before It Gets Too Late!

Your kids might be trolling into bad company or bad habits under your own sheds and you might be unaware of it. You have to keep your kids updated with the latest gadgets which might be necessary for their social development and learning but hold on, it might be dangerous for your kids and it might disrupt their future and their personalities. They might get into bad habits or bad communications which might distract them from their future goals. This distraction might touch the extremes if you don’t keep a check over their personal activities. Your kids are your assets so, you should have a complete concern for their wellbeing. For monitoring your kids you can have a lot of ways which might be very difficult for you to follow. You cannot run behind your kids 24/7. Keeping in mind the developing and increasing technology, you can also get into this game of technology and have a look at your kids in their own way of the latest technology by using BlurSPY App. This application would provide you an access to have a complete look at your kids and get all the information about their activities without letting them know.