Listen, Record & Bug – Use BlurSPY Call Tapping Feature

Listen, Record & Bug – The Multiple Ways You Can Use BlurSPY Call Tapping Feature

Technology is offering us a lot of new things. Our lives have become quite easier if we compare today’s time with that of the five or ten-year-old. Today, we have so many new things and even the impossible things are now possible. Just like BlurSPY call tapping feature.

None of us ever thought we would be able to listen to the calls of other people sitting remotely. Like, if we want to record someone’s call to listen later, we can record and save that. We can bug their mic to listen to their live calls as they talk to someone. These things have really helped parents, as well as employers, keep a proper check on their kids and employees.

How to Use BlurSPY Call Tapping Feature?

You will be wondering why we should tap calls on anyone’s phone and listen to some while it may get you into trouble. We will talk about this in the next section that why this feature should be used. Here we are going to share the complete process of how you can use the call tapping feature in BlurSPY app. This app is for parental control and lets parents monitor children. Moreover, it has so many great features for employers as well as your kid’s.

There are three options when it comes to the call tapping feature of BlurSPY. First is that you can listen to their calls through android microphone remotely. Second, you can record any or all calls on your target phone and third, you can also bug their mic of the device to listen to the calls. Of all these, the mic bug is the most interesting feature and it is really helpful in a number of ways.

Listen to their Calls on Phone

After you install BlurSPY app on your and the target device, you can turn on listening to their calls feature. For this, you will have to go to the online control panel to activate the feature. Once the feature is turned on, the app will provide every single word of the conversation to you. You will be able to listen to the incoming and outgoing calls.

This feature is particularly helpful for better parental control. Many parents are worried about their children and want to monitor them. They doubt their activities, phone use as well as who they talk to. When parents are suspicious about their calls, they can listen to the calls of their children with this feature. This will let parents feel satisfied and relaxed after knowing they were not talking to someone who can harm them.

Record the Their All Calls

Apart from listening to the live calls, BlurSPY lets you record the calls as well. You may wonder why recording calls are important when you can listen to their calls. Yes, this feature is even more important. After you turn on record calls feature, any incoming and outgoing phone call will be recorded and uploaded to the dashboard. Most of the time parents are not at home or available to listen to their kid’s live calls. They can get recordings of children and listen to them whenever they want.

This feature is equally useful for parents and partners. Parents can record calls of their children while a emploee can do the same for their partner. The recordings are safe in the control panel and available whenever you need them. This feature seems to better because it keeps the record of every phone logs activity and listens to cell phone conversations.

Bug the Mic of Their Phone

You might not be aware of what bugging a mic actually is. This can be defined as when you hack anyone’s phone mic to listen to their calls, the sound in the surrounding as well as anyone talking around them. This feature has its own particular use and has been designed considering the safety concerns of parents. With bug their mic feature, parents can listen to the voice recording of their children.

This feature provides every sound at a certain distance where the device is. Many times, children hang out or move out with their friends or someone else without telling their parents. They remain worried about them. So they can listen to the sound in their surrounding. When parents will listen to the voice in the surrounding, it may let them have an idea who their children are with, who they are talking and what they are doing.


We have tried to include the use and benefits of listening to the calls, recording them and bugging the mic of their phones. These features have been provided in the app to better ensure the safety of children for parents, employers who want to tap calls of their employees with suspicious activities. Parents will feel relaxed and an employer will discover what his worker talks about on the phone with suspicious people. Call tapping feature – all in one for all.

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