Monitoring! Spying! & Tracking What’s The Real Truth

Monitoring! Spying! & Tracking: What’s This All About?

We see everyone using smartphones these days. There was a time when people had hardly any access to computers and such other devices. If we go back to the 80s or 70s, we will not see so many computers. People could not afford computers. Only corporate-level businesses had computers. These were the primary sources of technology.

But nowadays, more than 80% of the world’s population has a cell phone. Most of them now have smartphones or in other words internet phones. These phones have revolutionized the world. People are digitally connected to each other. People living in Africa are connected to Americans. All these devices are a secondary source of technology.

Primary sources of technology did not have any harmful effects on the users. Though there were some health concerns people were not really addicted to computers. They were only used for work and communication purposes. However, new phones and smart technology has made people addicted to them.

Smartphones or secondary technology have affected people of all ages. They have done no distinction in leaving their impacts on the users. But the kids and teens got the worst results and effects. Nowadays, kids are addicted to phones which are ruining their lives. Adult and mature people have realized the dangers of these technologies and distanced themselves from it.

Monitoring, Tracking, and Spying

We had a scenario that shows how people are digitally connected. But this smart technology has made people addicted. For parents, there are serious concerns. They have issues with the use of smartphones and new technology of their kids. Teens spend a lot of time on these phones and parents can do nothing in this regard.

In order to deal with these things, parents look for solutions. There are many ways to do it. But the best and the safest option are to do tracking or monitoring. Tracking, monitoring, and spying are almost the same things. Tracking is done legally using different apps or software. Monitoring features are done in good faith and to improve security. Spying also has the same reasons but it may be illegal in some cases.

Parenting does tracking or monitoring and so do the employers. But many individuals spy on others’ phones using apps and software in order to access their data. But our focus in the post is to talk about tracking and monitoring in the good faith. That is by the parents. Due to serious concerns, parents track their children and check their online activities. They feel relaxed and satisfied knowing their kids are safe.

Issues of Modern Technology

The use of modern technology has brought with it serious issues. People spend a huge amount of their time on screen without doing anything. They can spend this much time in productive tasks, make money, improve their skills, and do wonders. Due to these issues, we have divided them into two categories which are given below.

Parental Issues

Parents buy their kid’s phones and tablets for productive reasons. But the use of these devices has turned into something really ugly. Parents are not okay with these things. They want the kids to give due time to their studies and work while spending a little time using their phones. But kids are not willing for it. For this reason, parents use parental control software to monitor their kids.

Employers’ Issues

Parents are not the only people to have concerns with the use of smartphones on the part of their children. Companies and people running businesses have the same reservations as well. A lot of employees waste their time on useless stuff. They do not work for the maximum hours. Their productivity decreases with the passage of time and the companies cannot tolerate such things. But this is an issue with most people at work. Thus the bosses have to use an employee tracking app. They monitor their phone and internet activities to improve productivity.

Benefits of Tracking, Monitoring

Tracking, monitoring, and spies have a good number of benefits. We have listed some of these below with the headings to make it easy for the users to understand why they should do tracking and monitoring. Parents and employers can make the best use of tracking tools.

Better Security

Parents can increase the security of their kids. When the parents will use a spy app and track the location of their kids, they will know about their whereabouts. They will be in a better position to learn about the kids. This surely improves the security of kids.

Peace of Mind

It offers great peace of mind to both the parents as well as employers tracking their target persons. They know they are not suffering from any losses. Parents are relaxed knowing their kids are safe with tracking.

Data Protection

Employers can protect their sensitive business information and data using the features of a monitoring app. They are in a position to set tight security in order to prevent data loss and unauthorized access to important records.

Preventing Phone Addiction

That is absolutely the best thing about kids tracking apps. They let the users restrict phone use, and help others get rid of phone addiction. For example, parents can do this for their kids. That will be a huge benefit for the kids and parents.

Reduce Screen Time

Reducing screen time has become a need of the hour due to the excessive use of phones. Parents can reduce screen time for their kids. Employers can also do the same for their workers to boost their productivity and focus.


Tracking, monitoring, and spies are really beneficial in this digital world. They allow parents to protect their kids, give employers options to track their staff, and attain peace of mind. Using the right tracking app is the thing users should be concerned about.

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