The Myth of the Rogue Employee - Corruption, Crime & Compliance

The Myth of the Rogue Employee – Corruption, Crime & Compliance

Power Corrupts; Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.”

It takes a lot of hard work, so much time as well as investments to set up a business. Even harder is to continue and promote the business that lets you become more prominent in the world. For the bosses, everything is their business. They know how painful it is to start and keep up with the flourishing business.

How will you feel when one of your employees becomes rogue and steals your data, secrets, and assets? I am sure it will be a shock for the person who has spent a lot of time and money on the business. Employers are the best guys as they hire others, pay them, and also take care of their needs. That is why they should be respected. But this is not the domain of some rogue employees.

In this blog, we will discuss what rogue employees are, what they do, why corruption in the private sector is a problem, and what the effects of such things on business are. In the end, we will also talk about how companies and employers can deal with such rogue employees and protect their businesses.

Who Are the Rogue Employees?

Rogue is a word used for dishonest and unprincipled people.

Rogue employees are the people working in an organization, getting paid but their intentions are not good and honest. They are on a particular mission and that is to cause the loss of the company. There are literally millions of such people who work for a company and cause its financial and reputation losses. Dealing with such employees is the need of the hour.

Apart from bullying which is illegal in the workplace, this is the biggest issue for companies to treat rogue employees. Even the biggest problem is finding rogue employees. Such people have no particular traits but they are found when they engage in something fishy. That is why this blog is really helpful for employers. They will find out how they can make use of a rogue employee tracking app and catch them red-handed.

The rogue employees have dangerous intentions.

For these reasons, they should be traced out and dealt with accordingly. But it should be noted, they may come with different but really dangerous intentions. Someone might wish to break the security system to steal information, others hack bank details and run away with money, while others are corrupt inside the workplace and many are those who cause even bigger losses to the companies. Hundreds of examples can be found around us from the past.

Owing to these factors, are a serious threat and challenge for businesses. We do not want any company to become a victim of such people. In the next sections, we will cover how these people can damage or harm a business and get their gain out of all this. This blog helps owners manage productivity and prevent the security risk of business.

Corruption, Crime, and Business

Corruption is defined as dishonest and fraudulent practices to gain financial and other gains with the use of power and authority.

Whether it is the private sector or the public- you will find rampant corruption around the world. There is hardly any sector or business around the world where you will not find corruption and crimes. In the past, it was a huge challenge. Many countries and companies suffered because of corrupt elements in their organization.

Corruption also leads to crimes and poor compliance with the laws.

Without any doubt, it is said that corruption is the mother of all evils. Suppose, a person is corrupt and makes bad use of his power. When he does corrupt, he violates the laws and rules. The company may not know it. But he or she will try his level best to hide all such things and poor compliance with the regulations. He commits crimes of various types and it becomes a dirty picture.

Intriguing Facts on Corruption around the World

  • The public and private sectors have almost the same state of corruption and misuse of power.
  • Since the 1990s, according to Transparency International, corruption has done more damage to businesses than anything else.
  • Experts believe corruption is more dangerous than incompetence.
  • Developed as well as developing world has a significant percentage of corruption in their private sectors.
  • Companies lose billions of dollars every year due to the corrupt practices of rogue employees.
  • As compared to 2013, corruption in 2019 has increased manifold. It has become uncontrollable.
  • 35% of People believe executive posts have the most corruption in the world. In other words, people in important positions are more corrupt.

From these facts, we learn that corruption is the biggest challenge for companies. Where there is power, there is corruption. There are hardly a few people in the public and private sectors who are honest and perform their duties in professional ways. Such workers never leave the company. Moreover, it is hard for employers to reach out to such people and offer them jobs.

Effects of Rogue Employees on a Company

Corruption is considered a sort of digital distraction in the workplace. Though we have other distractions, this is the most serious one. It has a number of effects that we are going to discuss here.

Financial Losses

When there is corruption, it leads to poor compliance with the rules. And this further causes crime. In other words, all these are interconnected. So we can say that companies face financial losses whenever there is corruption. Such companies are known as corrupt companies and they have a really bad reputation around them. New people do not like to work with such firms because they hate corruption culture.

Bad Reputation

Bad reputation becomes inevitable when there is corruption in organizations. Companies with more corruption get more attention from the people and the world. They are tagged as examples when it comes to corruption. Employees are the people who are solely responsible for corruption inside the organizations.

Poor Ranking

Every year, companies in all sectors are ranked. The firms behind the ranking use various factors to rank companies. Corruption is also a ranking factor that can undermine the importance and value of the organizations. That is why we see people do not prefer to work with a corrupt organization. This is how employers suffer when they have rogue employees in their firms.

Loss of Customers

Apart from what we have discussed above, companies also start losing customers and users. The sales decline and financial losses are a must in such cases. Corrupt people do not care if the company is at a loss and has lost a huge number of customers. So in such cases, it is the responsibility of the bosses and managers to deal with such people and correct the measures.

Company Collapse

When all these factors are combined together, the company is collapsed. No one prefers to deal with such a company. Customers do not like them. People do not want to work with them. The ranking is bad; they are in financial losses. All things go against companies when they have corrupt employees.

Putting an End to All This Mess and Menace

Literally, it is a mess to deal with corruption and rogue employees. However, it is not impossible. What employers and companies need to do is use a good and reliable employee tracking system. BlurSPY is one option that can help you in this regard. It is the best spy tool that will catch rogue employees and help you reduce corruption, and crimes, and improve compliance with rules.

How BlurSPY is Effective?

It is important to understand how the app is useful in this regard. It should be noted, most of the corruption now happens through technology. Rogue employees can steal data, leak information, and cause other losses and a bad reputation. So it is necessary that their digital activities should be tracked.

BlurSPY Android tracker provides companies with all the features like tracking phone calls, managing emails, checking banking details, protecting business data, monitoring internet use, listening to private calls, bugging mic and camera, the screen recorder feature as well as the famous GPS location tracker.

With these features, it will look like a piece of cake to spy on the rogue workers and find out about them. The companies can check their computer use and phone activities. They will definitely be caught red-handed this way. So the companies can this way manage the employees and protect their business.


Rogue employees are hazardous for a business. They should be spotted and dealt with with strict hands. But finding them is an issue. This problem is solved when you start using the BlurSPY app and keep a check on their phone activities.

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