Online Terrorist Are Using Teens and Parents Cannot Ignore This

Online Terrorist Are Using Teens and Parents Cannot Ignore This

In the recent years, extremism and terrorism has increased manifold in the USA. It is a matter of great concern for the world as well as the authorities. Parents also have to worry about this in light of the news reports and studied. There is no doubt that social media and the internet are accessible to everyone and these can be used for any purpose.

There was a time when the terrorists recruited people through the internet and social media. Teens were not involved in those incidents. But now the trend has changed and the extremists are looking for teens and kids. They try to influence them and many have joined several groups as well. It is getting dangerous and we have to be careful about this.

What is Extremism for Parents?

According to the recent report published by The Economist, more than 69% of terrorism incidents in the US from 2010 to 2019 were carried out by the white extremists. 28% of incidents had the involvement of other ethnic groups. This situation reveals everything for the parents living in the USA. White extremism is on the rise and there seems to be nothing controlling it.

In order to understand this, will make it easy for the parents. White extremists are the people who have a certain agenda. They are against the migrants who move to the USA from other countries. People coming from other countries are their targets and they try to kill them by any possible means. This also shows why gun incidents in the US have increased.

Why Extremists Are Doing So?

Various reports published in the recent time reveal that extremists in the USA are worried about the migrants. They believe the white population is declining while the white land is being occupied by other ethnic groups. This seems to be the biggest and the main agenda of these people for which they are killing so many people.

It is also worth noting that the targets of the white extremists are people from Latin America, Jews, and other ethnic groups including Muslims. They opine that these people move to the USA, occupy their lands, use their resources and it is a threat to the white population which is not increasing rapidly. This makes us believe white nationalism is on the rise.

How the Extremists Operate Online?

Here comes the most important thing which everyone should understand. The extremists have formed groups and informal organizations. They operate underground. But they want to gain attention and show the world that they have certain agendas. For this purpose, they use the internet and social media. If you remember, an attacker in New Zealand had left messages on an online website.

The shooter wanted his message to spread to as many people as possible. What was the purpose? It was to gain attention as well as supporters. White nationalism is increasing in the USA and there are millions of supporters of the shooters and extremists. When they get such a message on social media, they join them.

Teens Are The Most Vulnerable To This Issue

Yes, you read that right. Teens and kids are the most vulnerable people to the extremists. Young children have emotions and they feel inclined to such thoughts. They cannot realize what is good and what is bad for them.

What are the Concerns for Parents?

This debate leads us to the point of what kind of concerns it has for the parents. In fact, there are so many perspectives from which we can see our teens will be engaged in these activities by the terrorist groups.  Following are some of the effects which are clear from all this.

Teens May Join Extremists

The extremists start online campaigns through social media and different websites. The dangers of social media are not new. Kids will be attracted to these groups and they will ultimately join them if they are national and have patriotism.

They Will Carry Out Terrorism

The whole purpose of recruiting teens and kids to these groups to convince them to carry out terror activities, kill more people, and create chaos in the town. This should not be acceptable to the parents.

They Will End Up in Jails

As we see many extremists are arrested after they carry out terrorism. Such people have no life and the authorities put them into jails. They are then trialed and punished according to the law. The whole of their life is spent in jails.

It Will Brings Humiliation to the Family

Without any doubt, the teens who become terrorism will bring shame to their parents and families. Society is not kind to such families and it becomes hard for them to live a normal life. People create problems for them wherever they live.

Life of Teens Will Be Ruined

All the above points make us believe the life of such teens is ruined. They are called terrorism and have no life. Kids who should have spent life in better ways become the extremists and the world will not remember them in good words.

How to Keep Your Kids Safe from Extremists?

As we have talked about the real situation and the effects of joining extremist groups, it becomes clear we should have some plan for this as well. There is no doubt that extremists use the internet and social media for engaging teens and kids so the social media use of kids must be monitored.

The only Solution is BlurSPY App

Without any doubt, we feel pleased to announce to the parents that they can help their kids in this matter. Parents should keep their eyes on the internet and social media of their kids. BlurSPY app is the best option to control the internet use of children.

How BlurSPY Helps Parents?

BlurSPY is an ideal parental control and teen tracking app. It allows the users to spy on any android phone remotely. When parents will install this app on the phone of their kids, they will be able to track every activity on their phones.

So parents can get access to the social media apps of their children. With this, they will be able to see what kids do on social media, which groups they have joined, what posts they comment and what kind of friends they have. These details will reveal everything and parents will know if their kids have joined any extremist groups.


Extremism is increasing in the USA and teens are the targets of terrorism. Parents should protect their children online and on social media. For this, BlurSPY is very helpful which helps parents track the internet use of the children.

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